We’re about to start trying!

Hello everyone! [name_f]My[/name_f] husband and I have been talking about it for awhile, and we’ve finally decided to start trying for a baby. I will be stopping my birth control after my next period in order for us to start trying to conceive. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We are 100% new to any of this, so all we know is that I have to stop my birth control and we have to have sex. I’m looking for any type of suggestions on what else we need to be doing, tips, what to expect, or any words of wisdom that you think would be helpful!

Also just send good vibes my way that we’re able to conceive cause I’m both excited and terrified!!! :sparkling_heart::blue_heart:


Hey, feel free to join us over in TTC 2020.

There is a whole world of knowledge down the rabbit hole so go as deep as you feel like. There is always more to learn about fertility. But one thing to know is that coming off of hormonal birth control, the research indicates it takes an average of about twice as long to get pregnant. That is really vague as nobody knows how long it may have taken on the other side, but the average (depending on age, lifestyle factors, etc.) of a couple not on hormonal birth control just before TTC might take 3-6 months, whereas coming off birth control it might take an average of 6-12 months and that is totally normal and to be expected. Your body may need a bit to hormonally catch up after being on birth control. This isn’t said to scare you in any way, but if it were me, I would want to know. You might get pregnant right away and carry to term and that would be awesome! I hope so. But if you don’t, don’t blame yourself or feel like there is something immediately wrong. Your body might just need a minute to catch up and regroup to regain hormonal balance and be in a place where it is ready to carry a baby.


@hyacinthbucket Thank you so much for all of this! I didn’t know about the possibility of it taking longer after getting off birth control so that’s something I’ll definitely look into.

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Hello. I would start up on some prenatal vitamins and folic acid. Sleep well. Eat well and enjoy the baby making sex :rofl::grimacing: very best of luck x


[name_m]Hi[/name_m] and welcome!! :blush:

[name_m]How[/name_m] exciting for you to be at this point in your journey!! :tada: Definitely join us in the TTC thread!

[name_f]My[/name_f] biggest tip would be to monitor your cervical fluid because it will tell you when you’re the most fertile. All fluid is technically fertile, but when it has an egg-white consistency then it’s 100% go time for a baby! Timing is a big part of the baby making game.

Other advice would be to approach the journey with patience. No one can tell you how long it’ll take (especially coming off hormonal birth control), and you’ll literally feel a full spectrum of emotions each cycle. Be kind to yourself and give your body time. There’s only about 10 days per cycle that you can possibly conceive, and even perfectly timed encounters only have a maximum chance of 25%, so it’s important to give yourself time and space to breath.

If you find your cycle is struggling to come back, I can recommend various herbs and supplements that can help, so feel free to send me a message if you feel so inclined later.

Excited to support your journey! :blush:


Hi! Everyone else has already given great advice. I’ll just add to cut out alcohol completely if you haven’t already (even one drink can cause devastating disabilities in the baby). Best for hubby to go off alcohol too while you’re trying. Avoid caffeine and tobacco to reduce chances of miscarriage. It may take you a few months but it may not (I know at least 2 people who got pregnant their first month off the pill, including my sister). Good luck!


All this is great advice. We got pregnant the first month after I stopped taking the pill and that was a bit of a shock as we were expecting it to take longer! [name_m]Just[/name_m] sharing so you know not to be surprised if it’s instant and not to be surprised if it takes up to a year :slight_smile:

With regards to prenatal vitamins- they don’t all have the correct amount of vitamins in them- some have too much of one thing to be safe and not enough of another so my midwife recommended taking folic acid and iodine separately, skipping the prenatal vitamin altogether and eating a healthy diet along with a supplement of magnesium which I have taken for years to help with sleep and anxiety. Apparently it helps stop constipation and leg cramps during pregnancy and so far I’ve had no problems with either of those common pregnancy complaints so I guess it’s working :joy:


My suggestion is just enjoy your spouse. Have fun. Be romantic. Hopefully it will happen soon. If it doesn’t, try not to stress.

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