As a name (yes I know Addams)

Would it be better as a first name or a middle name?

Better as a middle name, can’t lose the image (Addams)

I think as a first name, it would constantly be associated with the Addams Family. And even if the younger generations don’t make that association, I this k there will still be plently of teasing potential. I would keep it in the MN only category.

Middle for sure.

Addams association aside, I think it could work as a fn. I mean there are little girls named [name]January[/name] and [name]Sunday[/name], so why not [name]Wednesday[/name]?
My cat is actually named [name]Wednesday[/name], and in my opinion it sounds quite cute being called in a sing song voice! Of course there aren’t many nicknames, if you care about that. [name]Wendy[/name]? Eh.

As far as Miss Addams goes, is the association really that bad? I mean I know she’s into the macabre, but she’s pretty charming in a goth-type way…

Definitely middle only. I think both [name]Sunday[/name] and [name]Tuesday[/name] could work better as firsts than [name]Wednesday[/name].

Use it for a quirky middle name.

I think it could work as a first name, I mean how many kids will know about The Addams family? I hardly do, I never think of that first when I see the name.

I think it could definitely work for a first name. I agree that the association with The Addams Family is waning…

FWI: the name Wednesday was chosen for the Addam’s Family because it means day of WOE. As in SORROW and SADNESS. And since the Addam’s Family loved DEATH and DEPRESSING things in general, they thought it would be a nice fit. :slight_smile:

The Addams family gets rehashed every decade so well always have a [name]Wednesday[/name] Addams fresh in our hearts.
This topic gets rehashed at least once a month so you are not the only one who likes this name! I think it’s best left for a middle name only.