Weight loss before TTC?

[name_f]My[/name_f] husband and I are about to begin TTC. However, I’ve been torn about whether to try and lose weight before doing so, or just go ahead and start and try to lose weight while trying. I know for most people, it can take anywhere from 3 months to a year to get pregnant. So I know there is a chance I could have my cake and eat it to, by losing weight while trying. I am slightly overweight (about 15-20 lbs), and wonder how hard it would be to lose weight later if I get pregnant before I manage to lose any. Is it possible I’ll lose some weight the first trimester anyways due to morning sickness? What has your experience been with this? I’ll be 27 this [name_u]November[/name_u] and this would be my first pregnancy. I’m worried if I wait too much longer I may have issues getting pregnant quickly due to my age.

It’s best to be at a healthy weight before you’re pregnant. It increases the likelihood of your pregnancy going smoothly and gives your baby the best start.

As for fertility, it generally doesn’t begin to decline until 32 and it doesn’t drop drastically until after 37. [name_m]Even[/name_m] then, that drop is not significant enough to keep a vast majority of women from having a baby in their late 30s and for some their early 40s. You’ve got more than enough time and a few months for a better you and a healthier body to support your pregnancy is better.

Yes, I would definitely recommend losing at least some weight before getting pregnant. We are about to start TTC our second child and I am hoping to lose at least 5kg before falling pregnant.

I wouldn’t count on losing any weight during pregnancy, it doesn’t happen to most people.
It took us two years to conceive our first child and I ended up putting on weight due to infertility woes.

Almost everyone I know has found weight loss much harder post baby than pre… hormones, time restrictions, etc all impact your ability to get fit after once baby arrives. Pregnancy is also much easier on your body if you are fitter. Sometimes I tell myself it’ll be fine because I want to be lazy, but I know I’ll have a better time with pregnancy if I lose the weight first.

Thank you for your responses! I have decided to start back with doing Zumba again and will be getting an exercise bike delivered next month as well. Hopefully between that, keeping up with my puppy, and trying to eat healthier, I should see the scale go down in the coming months. If all goes as planned we should start ttc sometime later in the fall.

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