Weight Loss

[name]Do[/name] any other ladies have any weight loss tips? I’m currently weighing a lot more than I’m comfortable with and its making me feel low. I’m going on holiday in [name]July[/name] and I’d really like to lose the 35 pounds I’ve gained from my pregnancy before then.

I didn’t put myself under pressure before now to lose weight cause my attitude was that it took 9 months for my body to grow, and it should take 9 months for it to go back to normal. Now that [name]Violet[/name] is 7 months old, I’m feeling the heat and want my pre-pregnancy body back.

I smoked when I was younger and I’m ashamed to admit I used it to control my appetite in the past. I don’t want to go down this route as its a bad example to the children, and bad for my health.

What I am looking for is some tips. I’ve already got the drink lots of water and eat healthier, exercise more parts covered. I was just hoping someone else would have some other ideas or advice?

Any replies are appreciated :slight_smile:

What really helped me drop weight was cutting carbs with dinner. Stick to lean meat (vary white, red and fish) and a HUGE serve of veg/ salad. Save bread/pasta/rice/potato for lunch times- and keep those servings modest.
The weight literally started dropping off me with a good long walk each day.
I found I had to walk every day to get the weight budging.


I would recommend cutting as many bad carbs and sugary foods as possible. Like emiliaj said, keep your bread, pasta, rice, etc servings to a minimum. These should be side dishes with your meals. Cutting back on dairy and red meat can help too. Eat lots of good fats and fresh fruits and vegetables. Have you checked out the Mediterranean diet?

There is no special trick. Eat healthy balanced meals, small portions, no processed or fatty foods and keep it colorful. Eat natural as much as you can and avoid rices, breads etc whenever possible. Also, get some exercise! Building muscle will help your body burn fat even when you’re resting so dot be afraid to lift heavy weights. It’s the key and as a woman as long as your not taking supplements you won’t bulk up. Body building women do a special program for that :). I also recommend eating yogurt once a day and taking a shot of Braggs [name]Apple[/name] Cider Vinager to help with digestion and balancing the intestinal track.

You can’t loose 35lbs by [name]July[/name] (I’m assuming your not morbidly obese and are just looking to shed baby weight to return to your pre baby normal weight). Expect to lose a couple lbs a week the first couple weeks but overall average of 1lb per week.

Good luck!

I’m in the same spot with wanting this pregnancy weight off!

[name]One[/name] tip is to make your own salad dressing…salad is a lunch I always go for when I’m trying to lose but I would use [name]Caesar[/name] dressing which is loaded with sodium & fat. Now for ‘creamy’ dressing I just throw a spoonful of Greek yogurt in with a bit of mustard. You can make fancier dressing of course, but this is so easy and healthy. I also try (but usually fail at) eating like a king for breakfast, a peasant for lunch and a pauper for dinner! Well, a pauper with a glass of wine or piece of chocolate cause you can’t deny yourself entirely!

Also, I was a smoker too and I always feel on the verge of going back. [name]Don[/name]'t do it!

[name]Set[/name] realistic goals and don’t get down on yourself if that number on the scale doesn’t change every single week. [name]Don[/name]'t weigh yourself daily - shoot for weekly. [name]Just[/name] taking steps to be more healthy, eating less, eating more healthy foods, exercising, etc. is good for your body and life. I think we sometimes get so upset about the actual number on the scale that we get down on ourselves and lose motivation.

As another poster said, 35 pounds by [name]July[/name] is really not an attainable goal unless you are going to starve yourself and that’s not a good idea.

Good luck!

Cutting out simple carbs is key! Try to stay away from sugar, bread, pasta, corn and potatoes. It was very easy for me to lose weight this way. It literally melts off. You end up eating way more veggies by default, and you don’t need to worry about monitoring portion size. The first week is a little tough as your body adjusts to no longer eating bread (bread has an even higher Glycemic Index than table sugar!!!) but after that it is smooth sailing. There are a lot of recipes for using alternate flours like coconut or almond for making wraps or other convenience foods. Look up ‘Paleo’ recipes, and that way you don’t need to do the work of modifying things on your own.

Good luck!

I’m going to offer my tips/advice with the caveat that my baby weight (35 pounds) just came off on it own in the first 4 months.

I do think you could lose 30 pounds by [name]July[/name], but through very vigorous exercise and dieting.

As far as exercise: walking works for me, but it has to be about 4-5 miles several times a week, and now its too hot out to do that. My son’s school was about 2 miles away so I would walk him to school in the morning and that would be a good way to get the exercise in. Also yoga really helped, I would alternate that with walking. I think the key really is doing something every day for at least an hour. I think the 30 min/3 times a week is ok for just maintaining weight and health but not weight loss. Also you don’t have to exercise all at once. If you can do 15 minutes a few times a day that counts! :slight_smile:

Diet: I would cut out all sugars/high fructose corn syrup. But don’t deprive yourself of some treats occasionally, just pick healthy things like fruit, etc. I also make sure to always eat breakfast and snacks. I agree with a pp who suggested making your own salad dressing. My favorite salad is chopped up cucumber, grape tomatoes, onion and avocado with lemon juice salt and pepper. It goes with everything and is a perfect snack.
Also when I cut out all dairy about ten years ago because I found out I was lactose intolerant I lost ten pounds pretty quickly.
I would also try to eat mostly at home, and save eating out for special occasions.

Good luck! I hope some of this helps, but we all have different body types, so it is really hard to know if what works for you will help someone else. And as someone mentioned, have a glass of wine (or 2) sometimes so you don’t feel deprived!

I find that charting my weight helps (You can do it by hand or there are several websites out there that offer the service for free). It’s easier to see your progress and helps you to stay motivated.

Also, doing cardio in the morning before eating.

Eat red meat less often (like once a week or so), especially processed red meat, like hot dogs, bacon, lunch meats, etc.
For dairy, eat less full fat items, like milk, butter or cheese.
Eggs are full of fat. If you still want eggs, use the egg whites for an omelet or what have you.
Eat less fried foods, especially potatoes. Baked, grilled or oven roasted is best.
Eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.
[name]Don[/name]'t cut out any food entirely without a good reason for it (like a food allergy, or an attempt to make a permanent change in diet), just try to find a healthier version.

Eating a healthy diet sets a good example for those around you, especially your children.

If you really want to lose the weight quickly you need to go on a diet. Like eating about 1200-1300 calories/day and exercising 30min/day. Otherwise just eat when you are hungry, don’t when you aren’t. I find eating meat keeps me full so I don’t get hungry again quickly and staying away from carbs, especially pasta helps.

After I had my third I joined Weight Watchers. It was a HUGE help to me. You don’t lose weight quickly - 35 lbs by [name]June[/name] probably wouldn’t be do-able, but I lost weight steadily, 1-3 pounds a week. Unlike many friends who started diets at the same time as me, and saw big results more quickly, mine stayed off because I was retraining myself to make good choices and was eating really good food that I liked. I would highly recommend it. If you don’t have a weight watchers near you, you can always join online.

I personally have never done diets before, but all of my family members have. And I’ve been told the most effective methods are:

  1. Cut calories, not carbs. Because carbs are what give you energy, so in cutting them back you will lose weight but you’ll also be very tired. So eat moderate carbs, but low calories.

  2. Eat a 4/5 small meals a day rather than 3 big ones. It keeps your metabolism running throughout the day, so your always using what you eat. Rather than the bigger meals where your more likely to store more.

  3. Never eat after 7 pm. You need at least a couple hours after eating to digest, otherwise it just sits in your tummy and becomes stored fat.

  4. Eat your largest meal with most calories in the morning, your more likely to burn all of the calories eaten if you have all day to eat them rather than a few hours after dinner. “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a price, and dinner like a popper” is the saying I’ve always heard.

  5. Drink a glass of water a half hour before your meal. It’ll start your digestion up faster, and it will make you feel less hungry so you wont eat as much.

Sorry if I repeated everything said above!! But these are all the weight loss methods my mom has used, and they worked wonderfully for her! <3 Good luck! :slight_smile:

I know a few friends that have used the app “my fitness pal” to help track their calories and exercise. I’ve also used it and found it fun, easy to use and it really helps you become aware of what you’re eating to get on track for healthy eating habits. If I remember right it’s also free!

I think drinking the good quantity of water, eating Fruits and vegetables, avoid the junk food and taking a balance diet is really very beneficial for Weight loss and being healthy. miami hcg diet

I checked out this forum because I wanted to be sure it wasn’t spam and was happy to find lots of great advice and tips! I gained a lot of weight with each of my three pregnancies and since I quit smoking many years ago have struggled to keep it off. I have lost 35 pounds a couple of times (I’m sorry to say it was more than once) and found I had to do a DIFFERENT diet each time. For me the most effective were: the Lifeforce Diet – meat, veg, fruit, eggs, brown rice, period; Weight Watchers Online; and the 17 [name]Day[/name] Diet for a quick start followed by very low carbs. To lose real weight, I need to do substantial exercise AND an actual diet especially one that seriously limits or takes sugar off the table, as I am such a sugar addict. Each time for me, losing the 35 pounds took about 3 1/2 to 4 months of concerted effort. But you can definitely take off 15 pounds by the end of [name]July[/name] and that’s a lot of weight – it will make a real difference to how you look and feel!

This is getting me motivated to make another push!