Weird Names: Step Two

Hey Berries,

Firstly, thank you SO much for all your feedback on the ‘Weird Names’ thread. I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:
I have had a good think about it, and these are my faves out of all your suggestions.

Ok, this is the next step!
Can you put the names in order from [name]LOVE[/name] to LOATHE (if you get what I mean)

[name]Ember[/name]: This name is I am really liking at the moment.
[name]Starla[/name]/[name]Starling[/name]: Which one do you like the best?
[name]Seren[/name]: I know this is prounced SAIR-en, like the Sar in [name]Sarah[/name], but I like it pronounced more like Seh-[name]REN[/name]. WDYT?
Anthem: This isn’t counted as a ‘name’ on nameberry, but I really like it. :slight_smile:
[name]Ginger[/name]: Its so cute.
[name]Nova[/name]: I like it as a middle name.
[name]Story[/name]: Does this seem ‘unrealistic’??
[name]Morning[/name]: I’m not so sure about this at the moment, your thoughts?

Also, combos??
Suggestions are gratefully accepted :slight_smile:


[name]Story[/name] - My favourite, I considered this for dd2
[name]Ember[/name] - Also my favourite, love the strong feel
Anthem - Never heard of this as a name but it is growning on me!
[name]Morning[/name] - Very cute!
[name]Starling[/name] - prefer this over [name]Starla[/name] but still not my fave
[name]Nova[/name] - hmmmm, its ok… a friend had a cat named this
[name]Seren[/name] - I prefer Seh-ren to Sair-en, wouldn’t name my child this but it is quite sweet
[name]Starla[/name] - Reminds me of [name]Darla[/name] from ‘Finding [name]Nemo[/name]’… not my fave
[name]Ginger[/name] - No! i really dislike this name

[name]Ember[/name]; love it.
[name]Seren[/name]; It’s nice! Calmer, less showy than [name]Serenity[/name] or [name]Serena[/name]
[name]Nova[/name]; It’s spunky
[name]Starling[/name]; Reminds me of Darling, which I like. It’s a pretty sound
[name]Starla[/name]; I prefer [name]Starling[/name]. [name]Starla[/name] is lacking.
[name]Story[/name]; I don’t like very word names. [name]Astoria[/name] nn [name]Story[/name] is cute though
[name]Ginger[/name]; It’s too cute for a modern day child/future adult
[name]Morning[/name]; It’s all word, not name for me. I do not like it.
Anthem; oh huge no.

I love:

[name]Ember[/name] – I had this on my original list, love it
[name]Seren[/name] – I also had this on my list :slight_smile: I like it with nn [name]Ren[/name]
[name]Nova[/name] – I love this as a middle name too. I’ve known one [name]Nova[/name] in life (a boy named [name]August[/name] [name]Nova[/name]) so I love it on either
[name]Story[/name] – I [name]ADORE[/name] this name. I would use it, but it doesn’t fit so I’m using [name]Saga[/name] instead
[name]Starla[/name] – I love [name]Starla[/name], very pretty and sweet (my middle is [name]Starr[/name] so of course I love it)

I like:

[name]Starling[/name] – I like it for a middle but in the front it feels a little stripperish
Anthem – I actually like this one okay, but only in the middle

I dislike:

[name]Ginger[/name] – this one just is blah to me. The governor of AR has a wife named [name]Ginger[/name] and I still don’t like it. It just doesn’t feel right for a grown woman
[name]Morning[/name] – This one is just a flat no to me. I see teasing potential for teens (morning wood) and I just dislike it

FYI … [name]Morning[/name], said aloud, may be confused with Mourning.

[name]Love[/name] to Loath-
[name]Story[/name]: [name]LOVE[/name] [name]LOVE[/name] [name]LOVE[/name]. I think this is gorgeous…if I had more unusually named sons this one would be on my list :slight_smile:
[name]Ember[/name]: I think this is cute…could go for the more normal nn of [name]Emmy[/name] or just [name]Em[/name] as well, which I love!
[name]Ginger[/name]: Yes it is very “cute” but also wearable I think…if she had a more grown up middle name it would work fine.
[name]Seren[/name]: I know 3 ladies named [name]Seren[/name] so it doesn’t seem “weird” to me…they all say it Seh-ren. I like it.
[name]Nova[/name]: Never loved it is my best friends granny’s name so it seems a little old to me. I don’t dislike it but I don’t really like it either.
Anthem: [name]Don[/name]'t really have an opinion at all, but I don’t like it…it doesn’t seem very feminine to me.
[name]Starla[/name]/[name]Starling[/name]: I hate all the “[name]Star[/name]” names with a passion…although on the right person they can be ok. I like [name]Starla[/name] more than [name]Starling[/name].
[name]Morning[/name]: You probably aren’t going to like to hear this but I really don’t think this is a name. I would do a double take if I was introduced to someone named [name]Morning[/name].

All of your names, except maybe morning, are viable and I could easily see them on a child :slight_smile:

[name]Starla[/name]/[name]Starling[/name]: I love both, but think [name]Starla[/name] is just a little more cute spunky for everyday use. Also reminds me of [name]Darla[/name], which I love.
[name]Nova[/name]: another cute spunky name, bu can also sound a little more grown up. I think it will age fairly well.
[name]Story[/name]: Actually thinking of this myself, but as a middle as I don’t know how it would go as a first name. Might leave young children in for a bit of teasing at story time at school. Or make it something special for them :slight_smile:
Anthem: I think I like this more every time I hear it.

[name]Ginger[/name]: yes, very cute but not sure if works if you’re not a redhead. Or if it’s lost it’s Spice Girl connection yet.

[name]Ember[/name]: I want to like this, but having trouble for some reason. I think I like it more as a boys name.
[name]Morning[/name]: Could work, but would be quite out there. Possibly considered a bit of a “hippy name”?
[name]Seren[/name]: NMS at all, either way you decide to say it.

[name]Just[/name] realised I responded as if we were only talking girls names, I don’t know why I assumed that…

[name]Seren[/name] – I love the calm, sweet, sound of this name! I definitely prefer the Seh-ren pronunciation and I don’t think it would be to hard to get people to say it that way, since it looks like “seh-ren” to me in print.

[name]Morning[/name] – This is so beautiful! I’ve never thought about using it as a name before! I love the connections with daylight and new beginnings. :slight_smile: I think it could be a tough first name though, because of the previously mentioned issue that it’s pronounced the same as “mourning.” Although, now that I think about it, I think people would be so caught up in how unique and pretty the name is upon hearing it, that they won’t mistake it for “mourning.” Haha, I initially had this ranked as 7th, but I really like it now. :slight_smile:

[name]Ember[/name] – I really like this! It’s kind of a twist on [name]Amber[/name] which I think it also really nice. :slight_smile: If you wanted a longer version of the name, this would be a cute nickname for [name]September[/name].

Anthem – I love how unique this name is and I think the connotations of a national anthem, etc. are nice. :slight_smile:

[name]Story[/name] – I prefer this as a middle name. I think that’s probably because story is such a household word, especially with little children. It’s so pretty though!

[name]Ginger[/name] – NMS but nice.

[name]Starla[/name]/[name]Starling[/name] – This has a really nice, clear sound. I’m not sure which one I prefer.

[name]Nova[/name] - NMS


Probably because it’s in the girls name section. I assume they’re all for girls too.

I like [name]Ember[/name], [name]Story[/name] and [name]Seren[/name]. [name]Seren[/name] the most.

[name]Starling[/name]: I like this. I admit it always makes me think of [name]Clarice[/name] [name]Starling[/name] in The [name]Silence[/name] of the Lambs, but I could get over that.
[name]Ginger[/name]: Adorable. I like it best as a nn for [name]Virginia[/name] or [name]Ginevra[/name], but it’s cute on its own too.
[name]Nova[/name]: Very nice, esp. as middle.
[name]Story[/name]: I like this one better as a middle, but it’s cute.
[name]Ember[/name]: I don’t have anything against this name but I think everyone would assume it was [name]Amber[/name] on first hearing.
[name]Starla[/name]: This has always seemed a little juvenile to me, like something a kid would name her fairy princess doll.
[name]Seren[/name]: Eh. The regular pronunciation is exactly like sarin gas (a chemical weapon) and I don’t think se-[name]REN[/name] will catch on. [name]Serene[/name] might be nice.
Anthem: Does absolutely nothing for me.
[name]Morning[/name]: This doesn’t work as a name to me. [name]Imagine[/name] being named this, and turning around every time you hear someone saying “Good [name]Morning[/name]!” or “[name]Morning[/name]!” every day of your life.

[name]Ember[/name]: This will undoubtably get mixed up with [name]Amber[/name].
[name]Starla[/name]/[name]Starling[/name]: [name]Both[/name] are nice…totally different feels though. [name]Starling[/name] sounds hippy, and [name]Starla[/name] sounds frilly and eccentric.
[name]Seren[/name]: [name]Every[/name] time anyone brings up this name, I can only think of Sarin gas, and how it has been weaponized. I prefer [name]Maren[/name]. Or [name]Erin[/name]. Or [name]Sara[/name].
Anthem: I don’t like this, sorry.
[name]Ginger[/name]: It sounds like a pet’s name. On a person, it sounds cheap.
[name]Nova[/name]: [name]LOVE[/name]…really pretty and unusual. Good choice!!
[name]Story[/name]: I like it! It’s fanciful, but has a pretty sound. It could really work.
[name]Morning[/name]: Again, a real hippy feel, but it could be pretty in the middle spot.

Favourites: [name]Nova[/name], [name]Starling[/name], [name]Story[/name].


[name]Ember[/name]: [name]Don[/name]'t think it will wear well
[name]Starla[/name]/[name]Starling[/name]: [name]Starla[/name] says aging stripper to me: [name]Starling[/name] is nicer, or just [name]Star[/name].
[name]Seren[/name]: i’d stick with the usual pronunciation, the one you prefer isn’t so intuitive -and i think the other sounds better, personally.
Anthem: NMS, but ok
[name]Ginger[/name]: NMS, but i see the appeal.
[name]Nova[/name]: Pretty, works well in either spot.
[name]Story[/name]: No. i just don’t see this working as a name at all.
[name]Morning[/name]: Ditto. i see the appeal, but it’s really just too noun-ish for my taste. and i can imagine the “good [name]Morning[/name]!” jokes being annoying for her in school, even though i usually don’t get hung up on that kind of thing.

[name]Ginger[/name] - adorable and classic
[name]Seren[/name] - The SEH-ren pronunciation isn’t really a stretch; it’s like MEH-gen v. [name]MAY[/name]-gen.

[name]Don[/name]'t like:
[name]Starling[/name] (although I prefer to [name]Starla[/name]; [name]Starla[/name] seems down-market)

[name]Story[/name]: I love this name, and have met a little [name]Story[/name] (boy) and heard of a couple others. I think it’s truly gender-neutral for kids, but works better for female adults.
[name]Nova[/name]: [name]Love[/name] [name]Nova[/name], it would be on our list if it didn’t conflict with our last name.
[name]Seren[/name]: The SEH vs. SAIR distinction is practically non-existent when I say it. Maybe that’s a dialect thing (I speak with a phonetically neutral American dialect)
[name]Starla[/name]/[name]Starling[/name]: I prefer [name]Starling[/name]. [name]Starla[/name] sounds a bit clunky.
[name]Ember[/name]: I’m torn between liking it quite a bit and feeling like it’s too close to [name]Amber[/name], which feels dated to me.
[name]Ginger[/name]: Cute, almost to a fault. [name]Ginger[/name] is so heavily used as a playful slur these days, too.
[name]Morning[/name]: Not working for me. Mourning??
Anthem: I wouldn’t judge it, but it doesn’t appeal to me.

[name]Starla[/name]/[name]Starling[/name]: I like both, but I think [name]Starla[/name] is easier to carry
[name]Seren[/name]: want to love this, but all I can think of is Sarin gas
[name]Nova[/name]: cute. becoming popular - you might also like [name]Tova[/name]?
[name]Ginger[/name]: not a fan, but could be cute
[name]Ember[/name]: she’ll get amber all the time - my ear doesn’t really hear the difference
[name]Story[/name]: beautiful as a middle name only
Anthem: I hate Anthem as a name only slightly less than I hate morning
[name]Morning[/name]: hate

[name]Seren[/name]- Seh-ren is how I would pronounce it (equal stress on both syallables, don’t quite understand the sair/seh distincton though). Very pretty, by far my favourite.
[name]Nova[/name]- Cute.
[name]Ember[/name]- I like its connotations.
Anthem- Unsure of my opinion.
[name]Starling[/name]- Perhaps slightly too masculine? But it’s not terrible. I like it a lot more than [name]Story[/name].
[name]Story[/name]- Yes, a tad unrealistic.
[name]Ginger[/name]- I find it too insubstantial as a name by itself, too nicknamey.
[name]Starla[/name]- Seems very different in style to the others.
[name]Morning[/name]- Would never use it because it’s sounds exactly the same as mourning!

Good luck!

[name]Starling[/name] I love [name]Starla[/name] is sweet but I don’t love it…[name]Starling[/name] is sunny & reminds me of a beautiful morning in the forrest while [name]Starla[/name] makes me think of stars & it’s flashier imo. Very different images.
[name]Seren[/name] comes in 2nd. It intrigues me.
[name]Nova[/name] is pretty and starry and spacy but it also reminds me of Chevys.
[name]Ginger[/name] is cute but I am conscious of ginger teasing gor ginger hair.
[name]Story[/name] is nms it is like [name]Poet[/name] to me. [name]Corey[/name] & [name]Tori[/name] are nms either & it reminds me of those too. Makes me think of buildings too as in a 4 story building

Sorry! In last place tie are [name]Morning[/name] & [name]Ember[/name]. [name]Morning[/name] makes think mourning & [name]Ember[/name] makes me think [name]Amber[/name]. I would probably think it was [name]Amber[/name] being said with an accent uf I heard someone call it out in the play ground.