Weird Names You Know

If you know anyone (family, friends, etc.) who has a name that is spelled differently or has a name you’ve never heard of, put them all in your post (you can list as many as you’d like). The next person will choose their favorite out of your weird names and then list their own and so on:

1st post:
[name]Jackelyn[/name] and Avielle

2nd post:

[name]Corin[/name] & [name]Zacharie[/name]

and so on…

My Weird Names:
[name]Janaye[/name], [name]Bryana[/name], [name]Kason[/name], [name]Cannon[/name], [name]Danah[/name], [name]Allyse[/name] (pronounced like [name]Elise[/name]), Caisse ([name]Ca[/name]-say), and Deliverance

Pick [name]One[/name]!

The first ferret I’ve ever had was named [name]Hollie[/name] ([name]Holly[/name]) and the 2nd ferret I’ve ever had is
Named Rowzi ([name]Rosie[/name]). I still have Rowzi. And I think that’s the only names spelt weird I’ve ever came across that I remember.

I like [name]Cannon[/name]

Mine are:
[name]Zeus[/name], Kewpie, Mystical, Orangejello (pronounced er-en-sh-juh-low) Dameyunne (pronounced liek [name]Damien[/name]) Chastidy, Female (the a is like a in map and the e is pronounced), I can’t think of any more right now