Weird or not weird?

You answer the above question if you think it’s weird or not then suggest the next thing

I will start

Dancing on a train

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Making up scenarios between fictional characters

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Not weird

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Pretending your cat is a person?

Not weird

Talking to the wall

Not weird

Crushing on book characters?

Not weird.

Talking to plants?

Not weird

Reading more than one book at once?

Not weird

Ham & [name_f]Honey[/name_f] sandwiches?

Not weird… sounds good!

Thinking of potential sibling names for a potential character that will probably never be in a story?

Not weird!

Singing out loud in public

Not weird! [name_u]Or[/name_u] shouldn’t be!

Naming inanimate objects

Not weird

Loving names :grin:

Weird… :wink:

Kidding, not weird at all. :heart:

Eating ketchup sauce on almost anything savory?

Not weird
Strangely, I do that.
Especially fast food.
Ketchup slaps on fast food

Pretending a pillow in your bed is your celebrity crush?

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Not weird
I actually do that
But with book characters instead of actual celebrities :rofl:

Making noises like “hmm” and stuff when it’s quiet to remove the silence?

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Not weird

I love how most of that replies are “not weird”

Breaking into your friends house while playing hide and seek with them? my friends and I can all plead guilty to this one, but we had permission! In fairness it was a crazy game and they have a huge house.

Not weird if this house belonged to a friend playing with you

Eh I sorta meant something like that
I coulda just straight away said crush

Touching everything interesting in sight in the supermarket (before the pandemic, of course)?

I love you pfp btw

Not weird
I instinctively touch everything on the shelves, so this pandemic has been very hard for me

Going to the store in your pajamas?