Weird or not weird?

Depends. If they look very much like pjs then weird but usually not.

Eating frozen edamame/peas straight from the bag?

@numberonebreadstick it was


Frozen peas are better than regular peas, so not weird.

Not using a bookmark and just remembering what page you’re on in a book?


No! Not weird! But a little magical

Choking on air?

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No, I do it a lot

Tripping on air?
(I also do this a lot, I may be a little clumsy)


accidentally asking someone if they’ve died before?

Weird, but once my uncle [name_m]Brian[/name_m] passed away then later on he revived.

Having a crush on a cartoon character?

Not weird, but it depends on how “lifelike” the animations are for me. If it’s anime, it wouldn’t be weird at all.

Talking to yourself?

not weird, one of my brothers does it all the time and i sometimes kinda do it, i go over things i’ve said and then re-say them to myself :smile:
running for recreational purposes?