Welsh names!

While they aren’t really my naming style, I’m welsh and recently started considering a lot of the names. I don’t know why as I’ve been fairly indifferent or only had mild interest in a few until recently and now I’m really starting to appreciate the great names [name]Wales[/name] has! What do you guys think of the following?


[name]Dewi[/name] (Deh-wee)


[name]Hi[/name] Dumbledore, it’s quite wonderful that you’re considering a name to honour your Welsh heritage. [name]Do[/name] you think Nameberry had anything to do with your new interest? I know my taste has changed in the time I’ve been on this website! From your list, I like the following names.
[name]Catrin[/name] - Very pretty
[name]Seren[/name] - Many people don’t like the sound of this name as it reminds them of the chemical weapon called sarin. I like it for its soft and feminine sound.
Angharad - Difficult to say for non-Welsh people but I’ve always had a soft spot for it.
[name]Mai[/name] - [name]Ah[/name], sometimes less is more! A simple but stylish beauty!
Medi - Rarely heard but sweet and cute.
[name]Iola[/name] - It has a vintage charm to it which appeals to me
Aderyn - Looks more contemporary than the other names

[name]Owen[/name] - A little too popular for my liking but still a great name
Carwyn - I don’t hear this very often even here on Nameberry
[name]Emrys[/name] - My fave on your list. [name]Just[/name] love the sound and look of it!
Conwy - This is a lovely town in [name]Wales[/name] too, isn’t it?
[name]Morgan[/name] - One of the few unisex names I like.

I love Welsh names.

from you list I like
[name]Catrin[/name] - though prefer with K
[name]Seren[/name] - getting popular
Awen - pretty

Carwyn - seen it spelled Caerwyn which I like more, but not sure if it’s the correct spelling
[name]Emrys[/name] - love, love love this

Also like [name]Rhodri[/name], Myrddin, [name]Taliesin[/name], [name]Eluned[/name], [name]Luned[/name], Eirlys, [name]Eira[/name],

I basically love all of them in some way or another, and more besides. As a Canadian of very recent Welsh descent, welsh names have always been my secret weapon in coming up with something unusual but legitimate. Mind you, I’d still probably want to use half of them even if I moved to [name]Wales[/name], so there is that.

Tesni - Nobody else seems to like this, but I love it a lot. It’s not really so far from [name]Tessa[/name], even though I think the s is often more z like (sayeth my father), so I don’t really know why it’s not more accepted.
[name]Nia[/name] - This is really pretty but I keep seeing it used as a mum name in popular culture. I don’t know if that reflects current popularity or not, but I do have a middle-aged image of it.
[name]Catrin[/name] - A lovely catherine / caitlyn alternative. I like the nn [name]Cadi[/name] too, which is unusual for me.
Cadwyn - This is my personal least favourite, mostly because it sounds like my own name.
[name]Seren[/name] - One of my favourites as a middle name.Makes a nice alternative to [name]Serena[/name].
Angharad - I think it sounds lovely when properly said, but most [name]North[/name] Americans seem to want to say "Anger - add " which is less so.
[name]Mai[/name] - I actually haven’t heard this one before. I think I like it as a mn best (I like longer fns)
Haf - Same as above.
Medi - Another one I’m unfamiliar with, though I will be doing a bit of research and possibly adding it to the list.
[name]Iola[/name] - Like mischa, I get a weird sort of vintage charm from this one.
[name]Morgain[/name] - I always liked it but it does have villainess associations via king arthur and people hear seem to hear “migraine”.
[name]Deryn[/name]/Aderyn - I love it, though I’ve been told it’s a bit of a hippie name. This may or may not be true, as I was told by a slightly stuffy relative who doesn’t actually like welsh things very much, but there you do.
Awen - As a writer/poet I’m very tempted to use this one day.I’ve seen Awena as well, which is a little more namey to me.

[name]Owen[/name] - Very popular here, but a handsome name
[name]Gareth[/name] - This was almost my name, lol. It’s a very approachable name.
Carwyn - [name]Don[/name]'t hear this often. I like it, but I suspect my friends would say it looks girly (they say that about a lot of welsh names, though. It’s that -yn ending, I think).
[name]Emrys[/name] - My absolute favourite boys name. It’s handsome without being butch, mythological without being silly. This is actually the only name on my list that I would put up a very strong fight with whoever it is that might father my children to use.
[name]Dewi[/name] (Deh-wee) - Not my favourite of the many, many, [name]David[/name] nns and variants. I even prefer [name]Dai[/name], though that one makes my friends look at me oddly. [name]Dafydd[/name] is my favourite. :smiley:
[name]Caradog[/name] - I prefer [name]Caradoc[/name], even though that’s an alternate spelling. [name]Caradog[/name] just makes me think of puppies.
Conwy - I’d only heard of this being a town, not a name. Then again, that’s true of a lot of welsh names I’ve come across.
[name]Morgan[/name] - I love it, especially as a middle name.

Thanks guys!

Tesni - Nobody else seems to like this, but I love it a lot. It’s not really so far from Tessa, even though I think the s is often more z like (sayeth my father), so I don’t really know why it’s not more accepted.

[name]How[/name] come you thought it was pronounced like a ‘z’? I’ve known two Tesni’s and it’s always been pronounced with an ‘s’ sound. [name]Just[/name] curious :slight_smile: I also really love [name]Dai[/name] but I could never use it because it just ‘belongs’ to a teacher I had at school. He was a very memorable man, ginger and balding, all of about 5’1" in height and had a collection of brilliantly clashing rainbow shirts and loud ties. [name]Don[/name]'t get me wrong, he was a lovely man, but [name]Dai[/name] is definitely his name, not my child’s lol.

I’m a fluent welsh speaker so I keep coming across more and more of welsh names and I’m really falling in love. I don’t know why I’ve never considered them before? I blame the fact that the area of [name]Wales[/name] I live in is quite anglicized, I attended the only welsh medium high-school in the entire county.

That’s how my Welsh father has heard it and instinctively pronounced it (though I must say it was something between an s and a z). There seems to be a lot of regional variation as well as linguistic shifts over time with welsh names, though, and I must say I prefer it as an s sound, so I am going to use your two Tesni-s as an excuse to pronounce it that way instead.

I am trying to learn Welsh slowly, so I envy your fluency (so far I can count and read the welsh bit of the Cardiff millenium centre, lol). There are a lot of beautiful names (and I love that so many are unheard of in [name]Canada[/name]), but people keep trying to tell me that they’re names for Elves, :lol: . Curse you J.R.R. Tolkien! I think your choices avoid that a little more than all of the -wen ending names I seem to love.