What do you think of it? Would you use it? What names match it?

I actually had a teddy bear named [name]Wendell[/name] when I was little. :slight_smile: To me, [name]Wendell[/name] is still on the nerdier/whimpier side (maybe its day will come, though), and I have to admit that I unfortunately picture a little boy who is given a hard time during dodge ball games on recess. (I’m sorry and hope you don’t take this personally!) :slight_smile: I think that [name]Dell[/name] is a cool nickname, though, but I’d personally worry about potential “[name]Wendy[/name]” teasing.

Names that fit with [name]Wendell[/name]'s style in my mind (I’ll star ones that I think are cool, because I’m including every name that reminds me of [name]Wendell[/name], even unstylish ones):

[name]Clarence[/name] (I love the [name]Clancy[/name] nickname, but not [name]Clarence[/name])
[name]Wilfred[/name] (growing on me…)

I don’t know when [name]Wendell[/name]'s day will come, but at the moment, I personally still associate it with the [name]Percy[/name] and [name]Norman[/name]-type names from the list. Like I said, I really do like the [name]Dell[/name] nickname. :slight_smile:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I think [name]Wendell[/name] is one of those old-fashioned guy names (like [name]Sylvester[/name] or [name]Dexter[/name]) that’s quirky and offbeat and just might come back. I would probably not use it, as it is just not my style. That said however, it’s a fine name and has a cool nickname in [name]Dell[/name]. Some similar names are [name]Winston[/name] and [name]Schuyler[/name]. One possible association for people is a writer named [name]Wendell[/name] [name]Berry[/name]. You might want to look him up if you are seriously considering this name.

My aunt used to call my brother and me [name]Wendell[/name]/[name]Wendy[/name] the whiner when we were… well whiney! So that is all I think of :slight_smile:

But you could call him [name]Dell[/name] for short and thats cute! But I would hate if my name was [name]Wendell[/name] and people called me [name]Wendy[/name]!

All I can think of is the song by Arrested Development in the 90s, “Mr Wendal”. In fact, that song is stuck in my head now!

Oooh, lamps beat me to the “Mr. [name]Wendell[/name]” reference! I must admit that I’m not a fan, as it’s somewhere in the same category as [name]Melvin[/name] and [name]Elmer[/name] in my mind. That said, I’ll try to open my mind a bit. :slight_smile: