Were any of your pregnancy dreams accurate?

[name_m]Just[/name_m] for fun of course!

I had a dream about my baby’s exact arrival date and weight at birth. It was so specific and not at all outside the realm of possibilities! So now I’m curious… did you have any dreams during pregnancy that ended up being accurate?


Kind of.

Before kids, I always dreamt of having a girl. Literally dreamt about it, not “oh I dream of having a daughter!” When I actually got pregnant, but before I knew, I dreamt I would have a baby boy. It was a boy!

I would dream of the actual birth sometimes but never actually of pushing the baby out. He’d just end up in my arms somehow. I did end up needing a c-section when a few medical reasons came up before the birth. I’m not sure if my dreams reflected something I didn’t know yet and that was why I never could see myself delivering the baby, or what.


I had a dream that my baby was asynclitic and she was :pleading_face:


Not really. For my first pregnancy I remember having a very vivid dream about a little girl who was about 4 with [name_u]Blue[/name_u] eyes and lots of long dark hair… then I had a little girl who had dark hair and I was amazed how accurate my dream was… until about a month later when her dark hair was replaced by light blonde hair :woman_shrugging: