We're in trouble!! Help!

My boyfriend and I are expecting a baby boy in [name]August[/name]. We each have one child from previous relationships and this will be our first together. We can not agree on a name! Please help.
He likes:
Rajon (pronounced [name]Ray[/name]-zhon)

I like:

What are your other children’s names?

What about:
Xango (pronounced [name]Shango[/name])

I agree, it might help to know your other kids’ names. Good luck, it’s tough thinking of a name when you have different styles.

Hey there!

You both seem to be into celeb/athlete type names… my apologies if I am incorrect in that thought… but I really like the name [name]Jaylen[/name].

I can’t really help with suggestions, since your style is very different than mine.

My advice would be to make a list of qualities you’re both looking for in a name. E.g. masculine, less common, etc… See what attracts you to the names you like and what he likes about his names. Then you can see where your differences and similarities lie.

You’re probably aware of this, but you really like celebrity baby names. [name]Cruz[/name], [name]Kingston[/name], [name]Maddox[/name]/Maddax, [name]Bronx[/name] are all examples.


I can’t give you any help since my taste is completely different and those are not names I would pick for myself. That being said, do you have other names that are of interest to you?

I tend to think of names 30 years from now, when my child is looking for a job or some other opportunity. I would want them to have a name that will help give them every advantage. Maybe that would help, thinking about a name that is going to work best for them and their advancement.

It is just a thought! Good [name]Luck[/name]!!! and remember, the most important thing is love! :slight_smile:

Our other children are [name]Taliyah[/name] and [name]Jaxon[/name].

I do NOT like his list at all. The names do not sound good with you kids names. From your list i like [name]Maddox[/name] (spelled this way). good luck.

I’d vote for [name]Cruz[/name]

As i can see from the names of your child and your boyfriends child, the names are pretty classic with a spin taken on the spelling. [name]Taliyah[/name] and [name]Jaxon[/name] are great names which i think will allow them to grow up into adults without having trouble with their name!
I personally think that your boyfriend’s choices aren’t the best, but that is only because adding a “De” in front of a great name just isn’t my style. I think the best idea would be to stick to their classic roots, and use the names [name]Sean[/name], [name]Marcus[/name] and [name]Jonathan[/name]. You could even change the spelling to make them more unique. [name]How[/name] about [name]Shawn[/name], Markys, [name]Jonathyn[/name]/[name]Jonathun[/name].
As for your choices, they are VERY celebrity inspired. I do however, like the idea of incorporating an “X” into the name to tie [name]Jaxon[/name] and this little guy together! Here are a few suggestions that i think work well with [name]Jaxon[/name] and [name]Taliyah[/name], and fit into your theme (and your boyfriends):
[name]Xander[/name]/[name]Zander[/name] (a name taken from the classic [name]Alexander[/name])
A way you and your boyfriend can come together on a name is by using your/his choice as a first name, and the others as a middle. Some that i think go great together would be:
[name]Jonathyn[/name] [name]Xavier[/name], [name]Shawn[/name] [name]Hendrix[/name], Maxxwell Markys

Talk with your boyfriend about it and see what he says!

I really dont care for any of the names on your list. Here are some suggestions you might like.

[name]Zander[/name] or [name]Xander[/name]
[name]Dimitri[/name] or Demitri or [name]Demetrius[/name]
[name]Isaias[/name] or [name]Isaiah[/name]
[name]Marcel[/name] or [name]Marcellus[/name]
[name]Matthias[/name] or [name]Mattias[/name]

That is kinda a randon list, but maybe there is one you will both like. [name]Hope[/name] that helps!