Wesley or Weston?

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Respondents: 41 (This poll is closed)

  • Wesley Tristan : 15 (37%)
  • Wesley ? : 9 (22%)
  • Weston Maverick : 12 (29%)
  • Weston ?: 5 (12%)

I have no problem with [name]Wesley[/name], I just think [name]Weston[/name] is a bit more fun and unexpected. [name]Maverick[/name] is a blast too. [name]Tristan[/name] is NMS.

Thank you! I’m leaning more towards [name]Weston[/name] everday

I have loved [name]Weston[/name] since I found it on the drummer in one of my favorite bands. I have been seeing it more and more here though so I worry it may be on the rise. The -“ton” ending sounds a bit trendy, but it is so fresh, rugged, and handsome and you get the benefit of the nn [name]West[/name] as opposed to [name]Wes[/name].

Good point, I prefer [name]West[/name] over [name]Wes[/name]. I do worry of popularity too:(

I like [name]Weston[/name] a lot. Never been a fan of [name]Wesley[/name]. For some reason has a feminine feel to me, despite having grown up with “The [name]Princess[/name] [name]Bride[/name]”.

Candlewaster, I think [name]Wesley[/name] has that feel to it because of the “lee” ending sound that so many girl names have. Maybe that’s why hubby prefers [name]Weston[/name] over [name]Wesley[/name] lol.

I love [name]Wesley[/name] [name]Tristan[/name] and do not care for [name]Weston[/name] [name]Maverick[/name] at all. [name]Westley[/name], which was actually the character in The [name]Princess[/name] [name]Bride[/name]'s name, could be a good compromise and a way to get to [name]West[/name].

I like [name]Weston[/name] [name]Maverick[/name] better than [name]Wesley[/name] [name]Tristan[/name]. But I prefer [name]Wesley[/name] to [name]Weston[/name].

I agree with nono that [name]Westley[/name] is a great name and a lovely way to get to [name]West[/name].

I voted for [name]Weston[/name], because I think it sounds better with your other children. [name]Both[/name] are great names, though!

Thank you for the replies!

That probably has something to do with it. I think it’s also because [name]Wesley[/name] doesn’t really have any hard consonants. It’s a very soft name. It makes me think of willows and waving grass and whispers in the wind… “Wessssleeeeey”… not very masculine imagery. Having a ‘t’ in there would help though. [name]Westley[/name] appears slightly more masculine.

I really love [name]Wesley[/name] [name]Grant[/name] and [name]Wesley[/name] [name]Gage[/name].

I agree! It makes me also think of those types of things. I think that’s why I like it lol. But maybe it’s too soft and traditional. I think I like [name]Weston[/name] best!