What about this as a middle name?

Okay, it is kind of “out there” but it’s possible that it’s growing on me…
what about ASHBERRY as a middle name?
Not [name]Ashby[/name].
I know its a part of a famous intersection in San [name]Fran[/name]. but… it could be kind of cute for a little girl middle name…

I don’t like it. Its to unique for me. It reminds me of a street, I can’t imagine a little girl named Ashberry. It also reminds of schnauzberry from [name]Willy[/name] Wonka.
[name]Do[/name] you like names starting with the prefix [name]Ash[/name]? Try [name]Ashley[/name].

Ashbury is the street ;)…

Ashberry reminds me more of a made-up fruit name. I prefer [name]Ashby[/name]. But for a middle name, I think one can be more adventurous :slight_smile: