What amount of kids do you think are ideal?

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Respondents: 180 (This poll is closed)

  • 1 : 10 (6%)
  • 2 : 32 (18%)
  • 3 : 49 (27%)
  • 4 : 50 (28%)
  • 5 : 18 (10%)
  • 6 : 9 (5%)
  • 7 : 5 (3%)
  • 8 : 3 (2%)
  • 9 : 1 (1%)
  • 10+: 3 (2%)

I voted for 3 since that seems to be the perfect number for most people, not too many nor too few, however my magic number is really 4.

I think it’s different for everyone; some people may not want any, some may want as many as reasonable. I think it all just depends on the individual family.

I voted two because that is what was right for our family… However, I really don’t think that there is a numerical answer to this question unless you take it on a case-by-case basis…

I voted for 2 - while I ideally would like 3, I’m unsure about being able to afford 3 kids on 2 university humanities professor salaries. Maybe I will change my mind.

I think its 2, mostly because the world is built for a family of four.
Of course, I still want to name about two dozen!

I voted three, because that is what the majority of my family/ friends have and it seems to work well for them. Plus, since I was about 5 I have always imagined myself having three. Sadly, I don’t know if three is logical for our family and we may end up only having two. But still, I think three is my personal “ideal”.

Ideally, it would be four, but I don’t know if I’ll end up with that many.

Ideally, I’d just want one, but my SO really wants two, so we will probably have two. I still voted one, though.

I can’t imagine only wanting one… I voted 7, I’m one of 4 and I’ve always wanted a lot. We have 5 right now.

Thank you please keep voting!

I voted for four. This is my ideal family size and the most I would consider having biologically. I would be open to having more, financial situation taken into consideration, but they would come into the family through adoption.

I would also like to hear about the pluses and minuses of small families.

I voted for two. As I see it, two is a good number because your kids will grow up with a sibling, you don’t have to get a huge house for everyone in the family to have their own space and it’s easier to pay for things like vacation, college, extra curricular activities, etc. If you can afford more, then I say go for it but I really hate seeing families that have a bunch of kids and not enough money to take care of them.

I’d say anywhere between two and four, depending on your family. I voted for four, because that’s how many I’d like to have in a perfect world where I can care for all of them.

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I voted for 8 because I am having my 8th child. But two of my children died as babies, before ever coming home (one born still and the other a preemie). People make remarks about how full my hands must be…but I look to my beautiful children and very few people can really understand how empty they really are. My little boys that are not with us should have been 10 yrs old and 4 yrs old right now. Makes me cry to even write about this. Anyway…for me…8 would have been great. But if someone does not want any, then maybe they should only have none. I think each person should have the number of children they love, and can and want to take care of, no more, no less.

two has always felt right in my head! we shall see though, i’m still working on brewing up the first one so who knows what’ll happen further down the track :wink:

Two is a good number because you have created only enough people to replace yourselves when you die. More than that and you are growing the population! Can you tell it’s too crowded where I live?:slight_smile:

Two is right for us because we could not afford to care for more and we have nowhere to put any more people in our house.