What are some good overnight diapers?

Our 15 month old has been wetting through his size 4 pampers swaddlers at night a lot lately. He’s only 22 lbs and the minimum weight on the size 5 is 27 lbs so it seems he’s too skinny to go up a size. [name_f]Do[/name_f] any of you have recommendations for very absorbent overnight diapers? (We are in the US)

Thank you!

I am in [name_f]Canada[/name_f] so it is probably different but I have found the generic store brand to be the thickest. I use Our Compliments which are sold at Sobeys and Safeway. I have also used Life [name_m]Brand[/name_m] by Shoppers Drug [name_u]Mart[/name_u] but not for awhile. Look into store brands, buy a small pack and see if they work. I personally hate pampers and huggies and haven’t used them since my first was a newborn.

I have always liked Huggies [name_m]Little[/name_m] Movers, although mine is 2, when she was that age they worked extremely well.

Also, I always move my daughter up in diapers well before the minimum weight. She wears size 4 now and technically isn’t “big enough” according to their weight chart. I would go ahead and try the size up just in case.

Kirkland brand, which you can buy at Costco. Definitely the best. And they work well for kids who are kind of skinny and wouldn’t be able to go up a size in another brand without the diaper hanging off. But you could still try a size 5 in Kirkland and see how it goes.

Like @jtucker I always go up a size before my children have hit the designated weight class.

I use Pampers. You mentioned Swaddlers, I use them from newborn to maybe size 2 and around size 3 switch to Cruisers, I found they moved with the wiggling little one better.

I only use Pampers with my daughter. I think the [name_u]Baby[/name_u] Dry ones are designed to be used at night. We have never had an issue with any of her Pampers leaking.

Like others said, you want to mostly ignore the weight guidelines on the package. Weight is a very poor indicator of how big your toddler’s bum actually is, so just take it as a general guess rather than gospel. I don’t think brand is an issue here, I think you just need to move up a size.
My toddler has been in size 5 for a long time and she’s still not at the minimum weight recommended on the package I don’t think. I just changed when I thought size 4 was getting a bit tight.

Thanks all! I’m going to give the Kirkland brand a try. I’ve actually tried the pampers baby dry in the past since they’re slightly less expensive but wasn’t impressed with them. His issue with the size 4 isnt leaking out the side, rather its an insufficient absorbency issue…we’re lucky he sleeps 10 to 12 hours at night but he just keeps on peeing while he’s at it lol.

same here actually, we also use Pampers and never had any issues with them, esp with night leaking.