What are some of the WORST first names you have heard?

I have heard:
Shi*head (Pronounced Shi-teed).

Others…will come soon. Those are probably the worst.

Meconium. And that is not an urban legend. A friend is a L&D nurse and she had a patient who hadn’t decided on a name for the baby, heard the word “meconium” in the delivery room, and thought it was a pretty. The nurses told her what it meant, but she still gave her daughter the name.

If you Google anything along the lines of “New Zealand silly names” you’ll get some hilarious ones - they had a veritable epidemic over there recently.
Chlamydia is one - which you can understand, because if it wasn’t a disease it would be quite a pretty name (I’m presuming the parents just didn’t know what it was, rather than were sadistic child-haters).
And then there are the usual suspects of [name]Neveah[/name], “yoo-neek” names, and ABCDE (ab-sid-ee).
ABCDE has quite a nice sound, in my opinion, just a horrible, horrible case of trying-to-be-original spelling. And what would you name a sibling?
Also, this is apparently the name mothers who gave birth to children they didn’t want would put down, before it became a ‘real name’, to show that they didn’t care at all about the child. [name]How[/name] horrible …

Why, FGHIJ (fug-hij) of course! :smiley:


Why, FGHIJ (fug-hij) of course! :D[/quote]



I’ve met a Rowdy. I thought that was bad enough, but it really doesn’t compare …

I worked with an older gentleman whose name was [name]Jean[/name]. [name]Jean[/name], not so bad, the worst is how he introduced himself to people. [name]Hi[/name], I’m [name]Jean[/name], spelled like the girl’s name, J-e-a-n. So I guess it must have been pretty bad if that’s how he came to terms with it.

My cousin’s name is [name]Bryleigh[/name].

Harshit (yes, it’s pronounced like it seems)
Lynddah (I can’t stand stupid spellings)
Rasha (in Hebrew this means bad or sinful)
[name]Brittni[/name] (see commentary on Lynddah)
[name]Meadow[/name] (why not name her [name]Field[/name] or Pasture?)
Sengrithey (no commentary necessary)
So-[name]Young[/name] (what happens when they get old?)

When I was in high school, I wanted my name to be [name]Meadow[/name]. It sounds a lot cooler when you’re 15, 16 and/or sort of hippie-ish. [name]Field[/name] and Pasture aren’t as pleasant sounding. [name]Field[/name] maybe for a boy. Not if you think he might play baseball. Lol, I don’t like those names that much anymore.