What are the stages of development for parent and child?

Hey all. This is an interesting subject I hope all the moms out there can help with. I am trying to understand what moms are feeling when it comes to choosing toys or gear for their children when they are a certain age. I want to look at that compared to the child’s age to better understand mom’s mindset when her child is at a certain stage (i.e… crawling, walking, going off to preschool).

I’ve read that moms sometimes aren’t sure what to buy (toys and gear) and when. Is this true? Can anyone help me understand what mom is feeling or thinking as her child enters different stages of life?

I think talking to other moms and following their intrests is always good. Following the cues of a child and going with it. I am a huge Dr Sears fan, and he has some great books out about child development and what kids are doing and “in to” in general at different ages.