What are you doing right now?

Besides being on NB, lol.

[name_f]My[/name_f] hyperlexic @$$ is reading a book. (ok who else loves that a very high concentration of berries are neurodivergent? it makes the forums sooooooo much more interesting. just me? oofers m8)

:eyes: in autistic DSMP fan with DID system friends

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But also I’m playing minecraft on Tommyinnit’s sub server atm

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Ok I LIKE you

I AM an autistic dsmp fan w/ a partner w/ osdd

i love tommyinnit

who are your favorite dsmp characters, mine are wilbur & ranboo, although i relate the most to tubbo

Haha i have java mc too, wanna play later? In school atm

Catching the news and enjoying a cup of tea.

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I am also autistic, with other stuff as well lol.
Right now I am about to continue reading a book called [name_f]Euphoria[/name_f] Kids and it’s amazing I hyper focused on it last night


right now I’m on nb and listening to my playlist (it’s called Vibe if you want to listen, and i’m [name_f]Elena[/name_f] J. on spotify (with the same profile pic so it’s hard to miss)

meeeee :blush: :heart:

I’m neurodivergent too!! (ADHD, severe anxiety, trich, dermatillomania)

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ASD, GAD, OCD, Tourette’s, likely dyscalculia

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That’s gotta suck. I have OCD and I understand just how compulsive this kind of thing can be & how misrepresented it is.

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