What are you favourite word/spiritual/magical middle names?

Mine so far are…

That’s it for now but I love adding to this list and I know I can only pick one but there are so many great ones out there! It’s so hard lol.

[name]Waverly[/name] (feels magical to me because of the show…)

Good luck!

for girls unless otherwise noted :wink:
I’ll star the ones I would actually use

[name]Blue[/name] (b)
[name]Oakley[/name] (b)*
[name]Gray[/name] (b & g)*
[name]Frost[/name] (b)
[name]Grove[/name] (b)*
[name]March[/name] (b)
[name]Jet[/name] (b) *
[name]Reed[/name] (b)*

**Edited to add the fact that I forgot this was in the “Boys’ Names” Forum…Whoops! Sorry for the girls names!

I really like [name]Story[/name].
[name]Minnie[/name] Driver gave it as a middle name to her son, [name]Henry[/name] [name]Story[/name].

I don’t think I’d be brave enough to use it myself though!

For a boy I like Kindred and [name]Quay[/name]

Those are very cool. I haven’t heard them a lot which is a good thing. Fresh and classy. I like!

For girls


for a boy I don’t know why but the name [name]Evander[/name] seems mystical to me

[name]Evander[/name] is a great name and I can see why you’d find it mystical. I also adore tha name [name]Aurora[/name]. It evokes such a pretty image.