What are your favorite classic names

I have come to love some of the more classic names lately. There are a lot of names like these in my family. [name]Just[/name] wondering what everyone’s favorites are… Purely for the heck of it:)

[name]Elisabeth[/name]- I’ve always loved this name. I think it’s so beautiful, with so many cute nn’s. [name]Libby[/name] is my favorite. I feel like this name must be given a lot, but over the years I don’t feel like I’ve met too many of them I don’t know any little Elisabeths. This spelling is my favorite.

[name]Jane[/name]- I love this too-- it feels very clean and independant somehow.

[name]Anna[/name]- I used to think this was too popular, but in real life I haven’t met many. It’s a powerful yet soft name to me. I’d love to have a baby [name]Anna[/name].

[name]Catherine[/name]- I also find this soft but strong. It’s my baby’s name… So far we use it in it’s full form.

[name]Mary[/name]- there is a baby [name]Mary[/name] on my street, and I find it very sweet. Somehow I’ve never warmed to this one enough to seriously consider it–seems too soft somehow. I like it very much on other people’s kids.

oh, forgot to add to that list [name]Laura[/name]. I love this name, and even though it was fairly popular in my generation, think it never goes out of style. It would be especially cute on a little girl today, I think, fresher than [name]Lauren[/name] and more timeless than some of the more vintagey choices. Why are there so few baby Lauras? I think it definitely has the same substance and classic feel as say, [name]Anna[/name].

I agree, certain names are classic for a reason and both [name]Catherine[/name], [name]Jane[/name] and [name]Elizabeth[/name] (I prefer the ‘z’ spelling, but ‘s’ is nice too!) somehow stay on my list despite not being my style otherwise.

I also love:

and for some reason I love [name]Martha[/name], which surprises me.

I love classic girls names!


I think that I’ve arrived at a point in my life where I appreciate the no frills quality of these names, and the fact that they don’t seem to be trying too hard… I forgot to put [name]Margaret[/name] on my list. This is an interesting one. I’ve often considered it, but somehow can never seem to appreciate its beauty in its full form, preferring the nn [name]Greta[/name]… and of course, being a name nerd I could never choose a name when I don’t love the full version as much as the nickname. I do think it can be lovely if pronounced with three syllables. But I often hear it pronounced [name]Mar[/name]-grit—and the ‘grit’ ending may be what steers me away from it. I wonder if that’s why it’s never been as popular or as widespread as some of these other tried and true classics.