What are your favourite girls names?

I know there are many posts like this, but I was just curious! You can put up to… 10, I guess. They don’t have to be in order, and they don’t have to have middles.

I’ll start:

[name]Violet[/name] [name]Graciella[/name]
[name]Anna[/name] [name]Clementine[/name] or [name]Annika[/name] [name]Caroline[/name]
[name]Beatrix[/name] [name]Caroline[/name] or [name]Beatrix[/name] [name]Cecelia[/name], though the Sss sounds run together
[name]Eleanora[/name] ______

Yeah, that’s all I got for now. Oh, and feel free to comment on other’s names, of course.

Have fun!

I adore [name]Beatrix[/name], [name]Caroline[/name], and [name]Cecelia[/name]!