what are your favourites from my list?

so i’ve put together a list of combos but am looking for more suggestions. middle names are not set in stone either. * represents family names:
[name]Eva[/name] [name]Jacqueline[/name]*
[name]Mya[/name] [name]Lily[/name]
[name]Nora[/name] [name]Jane[/name]* [color=#000000](also looking for longer mn as last name is 1 syllable)
[name]Kaiya[/name] [name]Eve[/name]

[name]Carter[/name] [name]Elijah[/name]
[name]Jack[/name]* [name]Samuel[/name]
[name]Oliver[/name] [name]James[/name]

[name]Eva[/name] [name]Jacqueline[/name]* - I think this name would work if it is pronounced Eh-va [name]Jack[/name]-lyn as opposed to Ee-va [name]Jack[/name]-leen
[name]Mya[/name] [name]Lily[/name] - This name seems to run together like My alillie
[name]Nora[/name] [name]Jane[/name]* (also looking for longer mn as last name is 1 syllable) - This is my favorite I love [name]Jane[/name].
[name]Kaiya[/name] [name]Eve[/name] - I don’t like the first name, looks made up, sorry.

Ideas: [name]Mya[/name] [name]Eve[/name], [name]Eva[/name] [name]Jane[/name], [name]Jane[/name] [name]Lily[/name], [name]Nora[/name] [name]Eve[/name], [name]Mya[/name] [name]Jacqueline[/name] and [name]Nora[/name] [name]Jacqueline[/name].

[name]Carter[/name] [name]Elijah[/name] - this name sounds awkward to me. [name]Elijah[/name] [name]Carter[/name] sounds nicer.
[name]Jack[/name]* [name]Samuel[/name] - [name]John[/name] [name]Samuel[/name] with nn [name]Jack[/name] would sound more complete.
[name]Oliver[/name] [name]James[/name] - I love this name.

Ideas: [name]Elijah[/name] [name]Samuel[/name], [name]Jack[/name] [name]Carter[/name], [name]Elijah[/name] [name]Carter[/name], [name]Oliver[/name] [name]James[/name], [name]James[/name] [name]Samuel[/name], [name]Samuel[/name] [name]James[/name], [name]Jack[/name] [name]Oliver[/name].

My favorites are: [name]Eva[/name] [name]Jane[/name] and [name]Elijah[/name] [name]Samuel[/name]

[name]Nora[/name] [name]Jane[/name] & [name]Oliver[/name] [name]James[/name] are both BEAUTIFUL! Those are my favorites.

[name]Eva[/name] [name]Jacqueline[/name]- This combo has great flow, especially with a 1 syllable last name. [name]Eva[/name] is pretty and slightly exotic sounding but it may rise in popularity due to [name]Ava[/name]. [name]Jacqueline[/name] feels rather tired to me but acquires a bit more freshness in the middle. The family name bonus makes it even better.

[name]Mya[/name] [name]Lily[/name]- I’m not a fan of this combo as it runs together. Also, [name]Mya[/name] looks much better and is properly spelled [name]Maya[/name] or [name]Maia[/name], unless you are pronouncing it–MEE-ah-- in which the spelling [name]Mia[/name] would be appropriate. To make the flow better, maybe something like [name]Mya[/name] [name]Lillian[/name], [name]Mya[/name] [name]Lilith[/name] or [name]Mya[/name] [name]Lilliana[/name] could be used in [name]Lily[/name]'s stead.

[name]Nora[/name] [name]Jane[/name]- [name]Nora[/name] [name]Jane[/name] is darling but I can see how a one-syllable last name would make the flow off. Maybe you could try [name]Eleanor[/name]/[name]Eleanora[/name] nn [name]Nora[/name]. If not, something longer in the middle like [name]Nora[/name] [name]Eloise[/name], [name]Nora[/name] [name]Jacqueline[/name], [name]Nora[/name] [name]Evangeline[/name] or [name]Nora[/name] [name]Evelyn[/name] would be superb.

[name]Kaiya[/name] [name]Eve[/name]- Is there a reason for the spelling of [name]Kaiya[/name]? If not, [name]Kaya[/name] or [name]Kaia[/name] looks much clearer and neater in my opinion. I also think you could have better flow with [name]Kaiya[/name] [name]Eve[/name], as their are many contrasting sounds near each other, which make the combo awkward. I would pair [name]Kaiya[/name] with something less different in sound. Some examples: [name]Kaiya[/name] [name]Jacqueline[/name], [name]Kaiya[/name] [name]Lillian[/name], [name]Kaiya[/name] [name]Elodie[/name], [name]Kaiya[/name] [name]Jane[/name] and [name]Kaiya[/name] [name]Mae[/name].

My favorite combo is [name]Eva[/name] [name]Jacqueline[/name] :smiley:

[name]Carter[/name] [name]Elijah[/name]- This is a strong, handsome combo, though I personally prefer the flow of [name]Elijah[/name] [name]Carter[/name] and the nn [name]Eli[/name]! :slight_smile:

[name]Jack[/name] [name]Samuel[/name]- [name]Jack[/name] is a great name, as is [name]Samuel[/name]. I find [name]Jack[/name] very hard to find a middle name for, as it has a rather abrupt ending and is one-syllable. Thus, [name]Samuel[/name] isn’t ideal but works.

[name]Oliver[/name] [name]James[/name]- I love this! Such a distinguished classic like [name]Oliver[/name] paired with another classic like [name]James[/name] sounds wonderful!

[name]Oliver[/name] [name]James[/name] is my favorite by a long shot!

Good luck! :slight_smile:

[name]Hi[/name], I like all your names except [name]Mya[/name] and [name]Kaiya[/name]. I love [name]Eva[/name] [name]Jacqueline[/name]!! It’s gorgeous!! All your boy names are nice, but [name]Jack[/name] may not be ideal with a one-syllable last name. I love [name]Oliver[/name] [name]James[/name]! Other ideas are [name]Samuel[/name] [name]Carter[/name] or [name]Samuel[/name] [name]James[/name].

[name]Eva[/name] [name]Jacqueline[/name] - This is my favorite from your girls’ list! [name]Eva[/name] [name]Jacqueline[/name] is elegant and timeless, the flow seems good with a one-syllable surname, and I like how it also honors family.
[name]Mya[/name] [name]Lily[/name] - I like the first name, but only when it’s spelled [name]Maia[/name], [name]Maja[/name], or [name]Maya[/name] (though [name]Maja[/name] would probably get some pronunciation issues) - [name]Mya[/name] looks a bit tryndee - sorry! [name]Maia[/name]/[name]Maja[/name]/[name]Maya[/name] [name]Lily[/name] would be lovely…
[name]Nora[/name] [name]Jane[/name] - [name]Nora[/name] and [name]Jane[/name] are lovely, I like the simplicity of [name]Nora[/name] [name]Jane[/name]. If it’s too short, though, what about [name]Nora[/name] [name]Jacqueline[/name]?
[name]Kaiya[/name] [name]Eve[/name] - I prefer [name]Kaia[/name]/[name]Kaja[/name]/[name]Kaya[/name] - like [name]Mya[/name], [name]Kaiya[/name] seems tryndee - I like the sound of the name, though! [name]Eve[/name] might also be a bit short for the middle name - if that bothers you, you may also like [name]Kaia[/name]/[name]Kaja[/name]/[name]Kaya[/name] [name]Evangeline[/name] or [name]Kaia[/name]/[name]Kaja[/name]/[name]Kaya[/name] [name]Evelyn[/name]…

[name]Carter[/name] [name]Elijah[/name] - I think I prefer [name]Elijah[/name] to [name]Carter[/name], and [name]Elijah[/name] [name]Carter[/name] seems to have better flow…
[name]Jack[/name]* [name]Samuel[/name]- Hmm… I think that [name]Jack[/name] would be a bit too short next to a one-syllable surname - what about [name]Samuel[/name] [name]Jack[/name] instead?
[name]Oliver[/name] [name]James[/name] - This is my favorite from your boys’ list! To me, [name]Oliver[/name] [name]James[/name] is very classic and handsome.

Good luck! :slight_smile: