What are your honest thoughts on...

[name]Maddox[/name] [name]Shia[/name]?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I actually really like both names but used together, I feel the name is a bit too “Hollywood” for my taste (i.e. I thought immediately of [name]Maddox[/name] [name]Jolie[/name]-[name]Pitt[/name] and [name]Shia[/name] LeBoeuf when I saw the name).

But if you really like it, go for it. It’s definitely a very strong, unique name!

I could take or leave it. It’s not horrible, but I tend to prefer names with a more classic feel. I’d prefer [name]Maddox[/name] [name]Seth[/name] or [name]Mathew[/name] [name]Shia[/name].

I like it! I did think of [name]Shia[/name] LaBeouf but I really like [name]Shia[/name] so that might pass with other people. But all in all it’s a really nice name!

I’m not a huge fan of [name]Maddox[/name]. I think it’ll be very dated one day since it didn’t really exist until [name]Angelina[/name] [name]Jolie[/name]. But [name]Shia[/name] is nice - don’t hear many of those.

Well it’s definitely cool–but is it too cool? I agree completely with the second poster that it makes me think immediately of [name]Maddox[/name] [name]Jolie[/name]-[name]Pitt[/name] and [name]Shia[/name] LaBoeuf, which makes it seem more trendy than lasting or solid. Each on its own I think is fine (my great-great-grandfather’s name was [name]Shia[/name], so I’m really down with that one :slight_smile: ) but together it’s a kind of Hollywood double-whammy.

Thank you everyone, I will be honest and say I had not heard the name [name]Shia[/name] before I’d heard of [name]Shia[/name] Labeouf, but I cannot get past the name! I personally am not daring enough to give it as a first name and I love the sound of it with [name]Maddox[/name]. It is almost unfortunate that [name]Maddox[/name] is a ‘celeb’ name as I would love it to not have any connotations but I hope its not too celebish that noone will look past it. I want him to have a name that not too many people he knows also have but is not too unique that he would get picked on.

What about [name]Madden[/name] [name]Shia[/name]? [name]Madden[/name] still has a cool vibe, but less of a celeb connection. [name]Madden[/name] is the last name of a football player (I’m pretty sure), but at least its not in the tabloids every other day. Good luck!