What are your thoughts on the name Rishan?

What the title says- main concerns are what gender it sounds like, pronunciation issues, and connotations. Thanks!

Is it pronounced [name_f]Ree[/name_f]-shaun? Sounds nice…I might assume African-American.

Yeah, I think that is how it’s pronounced. It’s actually of Hindu origin, if I’m not mistaken…

I’d pronounce it ree-shaun as well on first glance. It does seem of [name_f]Indian[/name_f] origin. I would assume boy name.

I would pronounce it the same way as the others and I would also assume it is a boys name.

I would pronounce it ruh-shaan. Like the name Prashant, without the P and T. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WF7Hrk74gk0

I too assume it’s pronounced [name_f]Ree[/name_f]-shaun, so it looks to be pretty easy in terms of that, sounds very ethnic to me, not sure where I woould even assume it’s from, but it’s a nice name. Sounds like a boys.