What comes to mind when you hear these names?

I have a list of names and want some unbiased feedback. One of the main things I think about when I am searching for a name is what will people think when they hear this name? So here goes…and any association you have or have had please share.


[name]Francesca[/name]- Overall I think it’s pretty, but too easy to give pet names too…do you really want her called “[name]Franny[/name]?” [name]Even[/name] if you don’t call her that, kids on the playground likely will. Also, I would only use this name if you have a shorter last name. Mine is 3 syllables and 10 letters, so I would never use this.

[name]Colette[/name]- Interesting choice. A little dated, but I kinda like it. Beware of the nn “[name]Colie[/name].”

[name]Giada[/name]- Reminds me of [name]Giada[/name] De Laurentis, the celebrity chef. And she seems fake, or stuck up to me. [name]Don[/name]'t care much for it.

[name]Mallory[/name]- [name]Don[/name]'t like at all. Reminds me of the “Babysitters Club” (wow, blast from the past) and her friends will call her “[name]Mal[/name].”

[name]Gia[/name]- I like it. Really pretty and to the point. Good choice!

[name]Caroline[/name]- Like this one too, it’s timeless. Though it does depend on your last name as it’s 3 syllables so you’d have to balance it out with a shorter last name. IMHO.

[name]Kate[/name]- [name]LOVE[/name] this name and there are many awesome, famous women that carry this name well (think [name]Winslet[/name], Blanchett though she spells hers with a “C”). The one drawback is the growing popularity. This name will be everywhere in a few years if it isn’t already.

[name]Julia[/name]/[name]Giulia[/name]- Eh, I’m underwhelmed. [name]Don[/name]'t hate it, but not wildly in love either. I like the spelling with the “J” better.

[name]Natalie[/name]- It’s a pretty name that I don’t think ages well. I haven’t met a lot of grown up Natalies so to me it seems to be a better kid name, but unfortunately they won’t be kids forever. Also, “[name]Nat[/name]” is a potential nn and not a flattering one.

[name]Just[/name] go with your gut and whatever you like the best and not what others think (people hate my name choices too). [name]Hope[/name] that helps.

[name]Francesca[/name]-I really love this name…smart, classy, beautiful
[name]Colette[/name]-This is another I really love…classy, beautiful, friendly
[name]Giada[/name]-I hadn’t ever seen or heard this name until now. Are you pronounsing it JAH-dah or jee-[name]AH[/name]-de or another way? I don’t really find it attractive written or said either of the ways I listed.
[name]Mallory[/name]-I don’t like this name at all…cheap, unhappy, ugly
[name]Gia[/name]-Although this name is pretty I always think of the movie and how self-destructive and sad the model was.
[name]Caroline[/name]-I like this name more written down then actually hearing it…sweet, young, SO GOOD, SO GOOD hehe I think of the song everytime I see it :slight_smile:
[name]Kate[/name]-I think this is a lovely nickname for some names I love…smart, beautiful, charming
[name]Julia[/name]/[name]Giulia[/name]- I like this name a little but prefer [name]Juliet[/name]…cute, spunky, forgettable
[name]Natalie[/name]-I like this name a lot…sweet, charming, pretty

same as above

I’m going to be 100% honest, so I don’t know how it is going to come out. But it not meant to be mean.

[name]Francesca[/name]- It okay, I personally like it. Good nickname for children ,but, sounds good when adult.
[name]Colette[/name] - Again its okay ,but, I can”t see it on a child.
[name]Giada[/name]- Reminds me of [name]Hilda[/name] ,but, I like [name]Hilda[/name] a little better.
[name]Mallory[/name]- It sounds a little old to me, maybe in like 60 years it could be revamped. But not right now.
[name]Gia[/name]- I think its nicknamey ,better as a nickname.
[name]Caroline[/name]- I like this name. Okay for a baby, perfect for a adult.
[name]Kate[/name]- Again kinda of old, better as a nickname.
[name]Julia[/name]/[name]Giulia[/name]- I like [name]Julia[/name] ,but, not [name]Giulia[/name]. Seems too hard to be ”different”.
[name]Natalie[/name]- [name]Kinda[/name] like [name]Kate[/name] & [name]Mallory[/name], like [name]Natalya[/name] better.

Like I said, not trying to be mean. But being honest.

[name]Francesca[/name] - What an elegant, beautiful name! I would consider using this name if I had a set of daughters. I would enjoy calling a daughter [name]Francesca[/name] much of the time, but if I was inclined to shorten it, I think Fransie would be cute informally and/or when she is young. When she is older, [name]Fran[/name] would be a fine nn.

[name]Colette[/name] - Cute, but seems like a name from the 1970s. Better on a kid than an adult, but I do kind of like it.

[name]Giada[/name] - Not a fan; I think this would cause spelling and pronunciation problems.

[name]Mallory[/name] - Not a fan at all

[name]Gia[/name] - Sounds like more of a nn

[name]Caroline[/name] - Nice, especially if paired with an unexpected mn.

[name]Kate[/name] - Pretty! But I like it more as a nn or mn rather than as a full first name.

[name]Julia[/name]/[name]Giulia[/name] - [name]Julia[/name] is a gorgeous name. I have always thought the ‘Jul’ part of the name had a very rich, elegant sound. [name]Julia[/name] is a name that I would consider using if I had twin or triplet girls right now. / I do not care for the spelling [name]Giulia[/name], which I think would be very hard for most people to spell or pronounce…

[name]Natalie[/name] - I have always loved this name, and it feels slightly exotic to me.

[name]Francesca[/name] - Pretty. works well on a girl and adult
[name]Colette[/name] - know a [name]Colette[/name] and like this name.
[name]Giada[/name] - are you Italian? This is a more “ethnic” choice for me.
[name]Mallory[/name] - Facts of Life. One of my fave 80s names!
[name]Gia[/name] - See [name]Giada[/name]
[name]Caroline[/name] - [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Caroline[/name] but worry about pronunciation. [name]Caro[/name]-[name]Line[/name] or [name]Caro[/name]-[name]Lyn[/name]
[name]Kate[/name] - Nice. Good nn but I know a TON of Kates
[name]Julia[/name]/[name]Giulia[/name] - Pretty (J version) but I know a bunch of [name]Julias[/name] too.
[name]Natalie[/name] - Like this one a lot. Know it is higher on the list but have only met one. Think it ages v.well too.
Good luck!

I love [name]Colette[/name], [name]Kate[/name], & [name]Caroline[/name]!! :slight_smile:

[name]Francesca[/name] - a beautiful, exotic name that fits an adult and a child. There are tons of great nicknames ([name]Franny[/name], [name]Frankie[/name], [name]Chessie[/name], Chessa) and this name is solid but still pretty.

[name]Colette[/name] - I don’t really love the sound of this name, and it feels a bit dated to me.

[name]Giada[/name] - I like this, especially with the nn [name]Gia[/name] (which I see on your list). The only problem is slight pronunciation issues. Most will pronounce it gee-[name]AH[/name]-da, though I believe the “correct” Italian pronunciation is JAH-dah.

[name]Mallory[/name] - feels very 90s to me. It’s a pretty name but isn’t too exciting.

[name]Gia[/name] - very sweet, though I think it works better as nickname for [name]Giada[/name] or [name]Gianna[/name]. Very Italian sounding, so if you’re not Italian people will probably think you are.

[name]Caroline[/name] - I love this name but I fear it’s getting very popular. It’s sweet and pretty, and I think it ages really well.

[name]Kate[/name] - [name]Kate[/name] is one of my favorite nicknames! I personally prefer it as a nickname for [name]Katherine[/name], but I know a young [name]Kate[/name] [name]Alexandra[/name] and the name suits her very well.

[name]Julia[/name]/[name]Giulia[/name] - I love [name]Julia[/name]! It’s one of my all time favorites. It’s timeless. I think the [name]Giulia[/name] spelling is nice if you live in [name]Italy[/name], but here it will just be a burden.

[name]Natalie[/name] - this name is pretty and cute, but I don’t see it aging as well as some others. I love [name]Natalia[/name] though, I think it ages better.

Thank you all for your feedback. I just wanted to get an idea of the first impression you get when you hear these names. A little back story …I am italian and my husband is not, I thought it would be nice to give my child and italian name to honor my father who I love dearly. This list is just a rough draft, I change my mind daily. When I think of naming my child, I always worry what people will think when they see the name on paper. I believe my daughter will be able to carry an ethnic name, and I am italian so again I don’t mind that association.
[name]Just[/name] really love hearing what you all think. I love the honesty. Any input is so appreciated!

[name]Francesca[/name] - this is a beautiful name. exotic and unique but not unheard of. however i STRONGLY dislike the nn possibilities…fran, franie, frankie, etc.
[name]Colette[/name] - this is pretty, but not something im personally fond of.
[name]Giada[/name] - this looks a little bit made up to me
[name]Mallory[/name] - very dated to me, i dont really like it
[name]Gia[/name] - cute nickname
[name]Caroline[/name] - beautiful name, timeless classic, love it with the nn callie
[name]Kate[/name] - amazing. classic. my favorite of the list.
[name]Julia[/name]/[name]Giulia[/name] - prefer [name]Julia[/name], and its nice though nothing special
[name]Natalie[/name] - this feels a little bit dated to me, I prefer [name]Natalia[/name], but pretty