What did YOU name your children?

My parents (and some friends) say my name choices are pretty ‘out-there’ ‘over-the-top’ etc, so i was just wondering other peopels choices…

So, What did you name your kids?

You might want to check out the following thread in the “Name Talk” forum: “Most popular names for Nameberryite’s kids.” Namefan started this over a week ago. She is keeping a running tally of all the names bestowed on the children of Nameberries. See the second post where she is maintaining an updated list. Again, this is in the “Name Talk” forum.

Okay thnx. Next i have this question (if ever) ill put it in that col. and im goign to check the list out. THNX! :smiley: x

Anyone else want to add your children’s names in the Name Talk forum? See previous posts above.