What do the colors signify?

I am just curious… because I realized that there are specific colors to names after posting my list on a thread, and they turn to a link. They turn either gray, pink or yellow. It doesn’t seem to have a gender significance because there are gray m & f and some are definately not unisex. Does anyone know? :confused:

[name_u]Orange[/name_u] means there is an entry for a name under both genders – which is frankly ridiculous, and illustrates exactly what’s wrong with our culture’s conception of a “unisex” name. Whenever I list my girls’ Top 10 in a comment, pink all down the line; when I list my boys’ Top 10 half (or more) of the names are orange, including, ludicrously enough, [name_u]Roscoe[/name_u] and [name_u]Wallace[/name_u]. There are also names that turn green, but I have no idea why.

[name_u]Green[/name_u] means that you have clicked on that name at some point. I have never seen gray.

I think your monitor color is messed up. I think what you’re seeing as gray is blue and what’s yellow is orange