what do you like best and why?

See the results of this poll: which do you like best and why?

Respondents: 63 (This poll is closed)

  • Ella : 14 (22%)
  • Hannah : 15 (24%)
  • Charlotte: 34 (54%)

I far prefer [name]Charlotte[/name]. [name]Ella[/name] and [name]Hannah[/name] are mega-popular and [name]Charlotte[/name] has such a rich historical, regal, and literary background. [name]Love[/name] it!

I like [name]Charlotte[/name]. [name]Ella[/name] is popular now and [name]Hannah[/name] is boring to me.

I like [name]Charlotte[/name] best too. Prefer [name]Anna[/name] to [name]Hannah[/name] and I’ve never been keen on [name]Ella[/name].

I agree if [name]Anna[/name] was on the list I would have chosen that.

I choose [name]Charlotte[/name] over [name]Ella[/name] because I like longer and slightly more traditional names. While I love that [name]Hannah[/name] is a palindrome I’m not a big fan of the name otherwise.

[name]Hannah[/name] and [name]Ella[/name] don’t stand out to me the way [name]Charlotte[/name] does. [name]Charlotte[/name] has a beautiful sound and always seems so regal to me!

[name]Charlotte[/name] by far - but it’s definitely climbing in popularity in the past two years. And I see it on almost everyone’s name list these days sooo, something to consider. If you don’t mind that, then I think it’s a lovely choice.

Aww, my favorite is actually [name]Hannah[/name]. Not as trendy as [name]Charlotte[/name] or as popular as [name]Ella[/name], but I think it’s beautiful

I think they are all beautiful but I slightly prefer the elegance of [name]Charlotte[/name] so she got my vote :slight_smile:

I’m not a fan of [name]Hannah[/name], [name]Ella[/name] is really cute but it might be to cutsey for an adult to me, so I’d have to go with [name]Charlotte[/name] which is really growing on me lately!

[name]Ella[/name] is too nn-y for me. The other two, well, it depends on your naming style. If you want to be traditional and classic, go with [name]Charlotte[/name]. [name]Hannah[/name] is a bit more modern and trendy sounding.

I don’t really like any of them because I’ve heard them all so much and they all seem really boring to me so it’s hard to choose but [name]Charlotte[/name] or [name]Hanna[/name] would be my pick. I don’t like [name]Hanna[/name] spelled with the “h”. [name]Ella[/name] isn’t terrible but it’s just too plain by itself [name]IMO[/name], I wouldn’t mind it as a nickname maybe but not by itself. Sorry it’s so negative :slight_smile:

Actually, if anything is way too popular right now it’s [name]Charlotte[/name] and [name]Ella[/name]. Which popular name’s lists have you been looking at? [name]Both[/name] names are right there at the top although they are lovely names.This is why I voted for [name]Hannah[/name], although I prefer [name]Charlotte[/name], it’s alot more popular.

[name]Charlotte[/name] because of [name]Charlotte[/name]'s [name]Web[/name]. That was such a cute story.

I don’t get how [name]Hannah[/name] is modern and trendy sounding. I view it as a classic, biblical name and not trendy at all. I could be wrong though.

I like [name]Hannah[/name]. I like the simple, almost gentle elegance of the name. I can imagine it for an artist or a lawyer.
[name]Hannah[/name] and [name]Charlotte[/name] are almost equally popular (judging by the rankings) but I think [name]Charlotte[/name] is going to become mega-popular soon. And its just a bit too girly for me.
And [name]Ella[/name] is very very popular to me, especially because there are so popular similar names - [name]Emma[/name], [name]Ellie[/name], etc.

[name]Ella[/name] is nice but a bit insubstantial.
I never liked [name]Charlotte[/name].
[name]Hannah[/name] I like better as [name]Hanna[/name], perhaps because of the film [name]Hanna[/name] with [name]Saoirse[/name] [name]Ronan[/name]. There’s also a song called [name]Hannah[/name] by a band I like called Freelance Whales. It’s quite nice :slight_smile:
[name]Hannah[/name] gets my vote. A good, interesting classic. Not at all trendy and with plenty of positive associations for me.

This is actually a milestone for me, [name]Hannah[/name] was always the kind of name I never liked because it was boring, ordinary and such. Now I suddenly have all kinds of reasons for liking it, and I do! It’s actually become a name I would recommend and advertise like I do with other names I feel are unjustly overlooked :slight_smile: Go [name]Hanna/name!