What do you think about the name Runa?

Thoughts on [name_f]Runa[/name_f]?

i adore runa! it makes me think of the word rune and the color amber, as well as almost a deep purple. it works well as either a first or middle name, although as a middle name i prefer it paired with a second middle name.

It’s striking and strong with a mystical yet down-to-earth vibe, a really lovely choice. I know a little [name_f]Runa[/name_f] and it’s super wearable too!


[name_f]Runa[/name_f] is intriguing and bold

i like Runa!! but i love [name_u]Rune[/name_u] even more

I love how [name_f]Runa[/name_f] balances a striking, adventurous feeling with a straightforward, down-to-earth sound!

I want to love it but unfortunately makes me think of the word ruin

It’s definitely interesting! I think I personally prefer Rune/Roone but that strikes me as masculine whereas [name_f]Runa[/name_f] definitely seems like a girl’s name to me!