What do you think of Calypso?

[name]How[/name] do people feel about Calyspo as a first name on a girl?
I love it but don’t think I’m brave enough to use it!

It’s awesome in theory, but it’s really too much name to use on an actual person because it’s not mainstreamed. It’d probably be a really cool middle name.

It’s a lovely word, but I’m afraid it’s a little too much for a name. It sounds like a stage name to me, like the name of a super hero… or a stripper :. Sorry! Maybe it could work as a middle name?

Too much as a first name I think. Kind of sounds like an X-man. I think it could work as a middle though. Have you thought about [name]Calliope[/name]? It’s kind of similar and more accessible.

I love It…I’ve Thought About Using It Myself (if i ever have another little girl) I don’t know if i’m brave enough though… :smiley:

I agree it sounds cool, and would be amazing as a middle for a hyper-traditional, popular first like [name]Anna[/name] or [name]Grace[/name], but on its own it sounds like a female rapper to me. It definitely wouldn’t work on a really shy kid.

I always loved the name [name]Calypso[/name]. I thought it would make a good sibset with [name]Gypsy[/name].