What do you think of Faolan?

I recently fell in love with this name. I love how it sounds (Feh-Lae-n) and the meaning of little wolf. I have a combo of [name_m]Faolan[/name_m] [name_m]Apollo[/name_m] right now in my signature. With the idea we are going to start ttc later this year in mind, what do people think of it? Please be honest and all opinions would be appreciated.

I love the idea of [name_m]Faolan[/name_m]. However, I think pronunciation issues are just too much. For instance, I have not heard of feh-lae-in, and even after researching the Irish-Gaelic pronunciation there seem to be only two choices which garner {controversial} approval: fway-luhn or fay-luhn. I can’t find which is more accurate. Have you considered [name_m]Phelan[/name_m] or [name_u]Fallon[/name_u]?

P.S. [name_m]Faolan[/name_m] [name_m]Apollo[/name_m] is handsome.

[name_u]Fallon[/name_u] is a girl name for me. One of my good friends has this name. She pronounces it Fowl-len, which is different from Faolon. I have looked at [name_m]Phelan[/name_m] but prefer the other spelling of Faolon. I appreciate your honesty.

I don’t want to give him a name hard to live with. However, I grew up having to correct my name on a daily basis for people, even though it’s highly popular now, and found it more fun to correct people then it to be annoying to do so.

I would never have said “fe-lae-in” for [name_m]Faolan[/name_m] - I would probably have gone with “FOWL-un” or “[name_f]FA[/name_f]-oh-lun”. It’s an OK name, and definitely looks cool on paper, but personally I’d find it too problematic to use.

[name_m]Apollo[/name_m] in the middle is a GP of mine so of course I wholeheartedly approve :slight_smile: