What do you think of Hightower as a last name?

Does it come across as a real-sounding name, or does it give off a fantasy vibe? Could it be realistically used in life without sounding unbelievable?

I’m looking to change my last name for personal reasons, and have totally fallen in love with this. I’ve been going back and forth on it for more than a year now, afraid that other people won’t buy it/like it. I need some outside opinions. What do you think?

(It goes really well with my first name)

Ps, I think I might have posted this in the wrong place, but it’s been a while since I’ve been on here haha. thanks in advance!

To be honest it does sound a little unusual but I have heard weirder last names, I wouldnt question whether or not it was your real last name

I absolutely love cool word last names, so I think Hightower is great! It’s regal and castle sounding, but still very realistic and recognizable. I think it’s an awesome last name option :). All the best with your last name change.

Side note, I love the names in your signature!

I am almost 100% certain I’ve heard this as a last name before. I think it was in a book or movie, maybe, but I still think it sounds like a normal last name. I wouldn’t question it.