What do you think of Lena?

What do you think of this name for a girl?

I have always felt that [name]Lena[/name] is a nickname for [name]Helena[/name] but if it’s pronounced like “lay-nah”, it would be a rare, soft, feminine choice.

I like it as a nickname for [name]Helena[/name] or [name]Marlena[/name]. [name]Marlena[/name] could also go by [name]Marley[/name]. Good luck!

I like it as a full first name. Which pronunciation are you using? Leh-nuh, [name]Lay[/name]-nuh, or [name]Lee[/name]-na?

Its beautiful but the pronounciation confusion would not be worth it imo. I would say it Leh-nah or [name]Lay[/name]-nah(prefer this one). I would spell [name]Lee[/name]-na [name]Lina[/name].

I know a [name]Caroline[/name] that goes by [name]Lena[/name]. I pronounce [name]Lena[/name] like [name]Lee[/name]-na. Very cute!

I think pronunciation is definitely an issue… if it’s pronounced [name]Lee[/name]-na, I would spell it [name]Lina[/name] (which I really like). I would suspect it’s pronounced [name]Layna[/name], but it’s definitely confusing. Overall, I prefer [name]Lina[/name].

It looks like [name]LAY[/name]-na to me, as far as pronunciation goes (since we’re having a debate on it :D). I like it, although it does seem a bit short for a full name. My sister [name]Alaina[/name] uses this as one of her nicknames, along with [name]Nan[/name] and [name]Lainey[/name].

I think it’s really pretty, and can stand alone well (though I would most likely use it as a nickname). Pronunciation is definitely an issue… I waver between ‘lee-na’ and ‘lay-na’. I think ‘lee-na’ sounds prettier, but ‘lay-na’ is probably my first instinct.

I love this name! We gave it to our cat a year ago, and debated at the time about the pronunciation. I suggested [name]Lay[/name]-nuh, but my sister vetoed it, so [name]Lee[/name]-nuh it is. For a person I do prefer it as a nickname, though, maybe for [name]Helena[/name], as suggested, or [name]Carolina[/name]. So pretty!