What do you think of Quil?

Quil is a character in Twilight, and I’ve never heard his name included when people talk about names from that. [name]Every[/name] time I read his name I love it more and more! Quil isn’t included on nameberry, but [name]Quill[/name] is. I think I prefer Quil, it reminds me less of a pen. Nameberry says it would be a way to honor a relative with a rhyming name, which I hadn’t thought of (my dad is [name]Bill[/name]!).

Anyway, yea or nay on Quil?

I think Quil is cool!

I like it. I think it is a cool name.

I like it!

I’d say nay as a name on its own – the pen and Twilight associations plus a probable tendancy to have it mistaken with many other names.

But as a nick for [name]Quinlan[/name]? – Fabulous :slight_smile:

I kind of think of quilts. It’s a little - works on a character if everyone can keep a straight face, but if this was real life people might react like that’s just not a name. For what it’s worth, I think in the early school years, peers will accept just about anything as a name because they don’t know a lot of other people. After they expand their vocabulary, some names are susceptible to teasing or associations, but I guess I don’t care if this is weird for the teacher with his or her longer memory and associations with names as close to words like pen. What about [name]Penn[/name]? I think [name]Penn[/name] is a name, closer to pen than Quil is; the quill is actually a feather or the shaft which might be adapted as an ink barrel. I’d be more inclined to have this as some clever nickname of a more established name. Quil, to me, is self-consciously jaunty as a formal name. [name]Quinlan[/name] or something established but you can call him Quil - and in the case of secondary or tertiary characters in a novel, you don’t know where he got that name or if it’s a nickname for something, or some endearment if his name was [name]William[/name] after his father. Only when he enters the story as a teen or adult and everyone calls him Quil, his backstory doesn’t need to be filled in as if he were a primary character whose parents call him Quil for some reason, or just Quil because they liked it, or even as possible as something he just changed his name from [name]Joe[/name] because Quil seemed more like his personality, or kids at school called him [name]Quill[/name] because he always had the most pens, and then he liked the name but took off an L to have some mystique.

Its a cool name. I like it, and I wouldn’t mind the Twilight reference. I agree with it being an awesome nickname for [name]Quinlin[/name]. It could really be a nn for any of the [name]Quin[/name]- names if the middle started with an L. (ie [name]Quintus[/name] [name]Lee[/name] or [name]Quinton[/name] [name]Levi[/name])

Thanks for the responses, guys! I agree that it might be better as a nickname, though I still like it as a full name. Oh, and they actually do talk about it in the book, it’s his full name, and it was his grandfather’s full name, too. It’s because they’re from the Quileute tribe.

What do you think of Quillem? It’s not listed on nameberry, but I found it a few other places. I like it a lot more than [name]Quilliam[/name]. Using a [name]Quin[/name]- name is a good idea, but I feel like he would just end up being called [name]Quinn[/name], and people would ask why we call him Quil instead of [name]Quinn[/name], ya know what I mean?

Our last name starts with a B, and hubby is excited that his initials could be QB, as in Quarter Back… my son is built like a football player already!

I think that Quillem and [name]Quilliam[/name] are great ways of reaching Quil. :slight_smile: ([name]Hi[/name], [name]Lyndsay[/name]!) :slight_smile:

Good luck! :slight_smile: