What do you think of the MN Edelweiss?

[name]Just[/name] popped in my head… what do you think of [name]Genevieve[/name] Edelweiss? Last name starts with an M, so I like those initials :slight_smile:

It looks pretty on paper, but it seems like it would be a mouthful to say.

Edelweiss would be pronounced (for stephaniebrooke) eh-del-vice. It’s beautiful and there’s a song in Sound of [name]Music[/name] called this.

[name]Genevieve[/name] Edelwiess is lovely and [name]GEM[/name] are great initials and would make a sweet nickname.

Beautiful! As a first name I would say no way but it is a lovely, uncommon middle. Also, [name]LOVE[/name] the Sound of [name]Music[/name] connection (favorite musical/ movie and I just adore [name]Julie[/name] Andrews! An unusual name and one a child would be proud to have! Go for it!

Sound of [name]Music[/name]! I love it :slight_smile:

Nah not my style, it seems to much. (:

[name]Love[/name] it as a middle name. [name]How[/name] many syllables is your surname? My only concern is that [name]Genevieve[/name] Edelweiss could be a little much with a surname more than two syllables.

I know the pronunciation, Sound of [name]Music[/name] is one of my favorites. But thanks. I was just thinking of flow in general including a last name, with a first and middle both having 3 syllables.

I love it (Edelwiess used to be on my list too, though i’m not really sure about it).
[name]Genevieve[/name] Edelwiess is great, but i agree with southern.maple, it’ll be too much if combined with long last name.

I would go for a shorter first name

Luckily my last name is pretty short, 6 letters with two syllables

It’s abut much for me, especially with [name]Genevieve[/name]. Quite the mouthful. I think it would pop better paired with something a bit more simple.

It also screams Sound of [name]Music[/name] superfan to me (nothing wrong with that though!).

Any suggestions for a different middle name? It has to be a flower or at least nature themed, siblings [name]Elena[/name] [name]Rose[/name] and [name]Felicity[/name] [name]Iris[/name] [name]Ruth[/name]. Can’t be rain or willow (close friend is using those)

[name]Love[/name] the Sound of [name]Music[/name], however with sisters MN being [name]Rose[/name] and [name]Iris[/name], Edelweiss is very daring.
[name]How[/name] about nature names like: [name]Lilac[/name], [name]Dahlia[/name], [name]Poppy[/name], [name]Pearl[/name], [name]Sky[/name], [name]Robin[/name], …

[name]Lilac[/name] is extra fun because it has a subtle connection to the movie,
Lilacs and Roses as “one of the favorite things” in the song during the thunder storm in the Sound of [name]Music[/name]…

Sorry just checked the lyrics Lilacs are not in the song but still a lovely option with [name]Genevieve[/name] I think and sisters with MN [name]Rose[/name] and [name]Iris[/name] :slight_smile: