What do you think of the name Kokoa?

Kokoa meaning gift of the heart, Pronunciation:(KO ko ah) maybe koko for short? Let me know what you think!

Different and exotic sounding.

I looked it up and a source says its Japanese. This would be a great choice if you’re Japanese.

I love the Japanese name [name]Hanae[/name].

Kokoa [name]Hanae[/name] would be pretty.

Thank you for you reply, to answer your question my hubby’s Korean ,I found the name on a Korean name list,My hubby has been in the USA since 4yrs old and doesn’t speak much Korean,his mother does but I haven’t asked her about the name yet, but will soon!

Is your hubby familiar with this name? It’s pretty, though it does look and sound a bit like cocoa (the plant used to make chocolate).

Yes, well it could very well be Korean then, or maybe used in both Korea and Japan. At any rate, I love that you’re using a Korean name to honor your husband’s heritage! Its a unique and pretty name.

I think Kokoa is cute, but because it looks and sounds so much like cocoa, I’m not sure it will age well . . .

I do think using a Korean name would be awesome, though.
I happen to be reading a book about Korea and two of the female characters have names that I think are very beautiful and would work well in the U.S.:

[name]Do[/name] you like either of those?

Thank you all for all your comments, I really love this name, thanks for the names you added for me, do you have the Pronunciation of them?