What do you think of the name Lena?

i hope i am not getting annoying with this. i just cant shake the nagging feeling that i am STILL waiting for the perfect name for our little girl to pop up somewhere. i thought we had it but then why do i still feel this way?? when we had THE name for my other children, i stopped looking and obsessing over a name. but, though we decided on [name]Lena[/name], i am still waiting for something better, yet nothing is topping it yet for me.

we chose [name]Lena[/name] [name]Sofia[/name] for our little girl due in october. pronounced [name]LEE[/name]-[name]NUH[/name] and we are not sure of the spelling yet. its between [name]Lena[/name] or [name]Lina[/name]? which do you like and why?

does [name]Lena[/name] fit with the names of our other children? [name]Carlos[/name], [name]Mia[/name], [name]Xavier[/name]?

do you like the name? why? dislike? why?

i’m taking all name suggestions still even though i have no idea if i need them! i want something short and sweet bc i have this thing with balance lol. my other daughter is [name]Mia[/name] so nothing too long, doesnt have to be 3 letters though. and preferably something european, our families are from italy and spain so i dont want it to be too hard for them to say lol?? anything? HELP!!!

i am starting to also really love [name]Luisa[/name]? what do you think?

For me, [name]Lena[/name] is pronounced [name]Lay[/name]-nuh or Leh-na. [name]Lina[/name] would be [name]Lee[/name]-na but I prefer the look of [name]Lena[/name], better.

Perhaps you’d prefer [name]Lena[/name]/[name]Lina[/name] as a nickname?

I know you didn’t want anything too long but some of these fit with your other children.

I think [name]Lena[/name] works well with your children. It’s beautiful and underused. [name]Luisa[/name] is also pretty but I hear that more often than [name]Lena[/name]. Why not just take both to the hospital and see which she looks like?

I really like [name]Lena[/name], with an “e” instead of the “i.” I also love these names that sound similar: [name]Nina[/name] & [name]Lita[/name]. I think all 3 names are short and simple, sweet but also spunky.

I would prn [name]Lena[/name] [name]Lay[/name]-nuh or Leh-nuh. [name]Lina[/name] would be [name]Lee[/name]-nuh. I think [name]Lina[/name] goes perfectly with the other names. But to avoid pronounciation confusions, I would spell it [name]Lina[/name].

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My great grandmother’s name was [name]Evelyn[/name], but she went by [name]Lena[/name] prn. [name]Lee[/name]-nah, I would think [name]Lina[/name] was prn. Lie-nah like [name]Linus[/name]