What do you think of the name Mick?

Not a nn for [name]Michael[/name]…just [name]Mick[/name]. I kinda love it. Not in honor of [name]Mick[/name] [name]Jagger[/name]…although I do think he is awesome. [name]Just[/name] wondering what others think of this name…


As in [name]Mick[/name] [name]St[/name]. [name]John[/name]? (From Moonlight). Its pretty cool…and its not just because of [name]Mick[/name] [name]St[/name]. [name]John[/name]…look him up, hottie detective vampire!

I love [name]Mick[/name] nn [name]Mickey[/name]

I love it! I believe it’s a derogatory term for and Irish man, though, which may or may not bother you. Other than that, I think it’s really great. It was on my list!

[name]Mickey[/name] Mouse, anyone?

I [name]LOVE[/name] this name. My husband’s name is [name]Mick[/name], so it is quite special to me. He’s very happy with his name. He was called [name]Mickey[/name] as a child, which is cute, but [name]Mick[/name] as a grown man is quite hot, I think. :slight_smile:

It’s always nice to hear about someone who has a name and likes it!