What do you think of these?

Was watching Gone with the Wind movie the other day, such an old romantic film set in the 40s and came across these interesting names.
[name]Vivien[/name] [name]Leigh[/name] who plays [name]Scarlett[/name]
[name]Evelyn[/name]- [name]Suellen[/name]
[name]Butterfly[/name] [name]McQueen[/name] (hehe)
[name]Everett[/name] [name]Brown[/name]
[name]Olivia[/name] who plays [name]Melanie[/name]
[name]Rhett[/name] [name]Butler[/name] played by [name]Clark[/name] [name]Gable[/name] (two names that are becoming quite popular now)
[name]Bonnie[/name] [name]Blue[/name]

Credits at the end were these, found this so funny that most of these names are now the most popular and the others I can see becoming really popular in the future

I have always generally liked the “Gone With the Wind” names (characters and actors), especially [name]Melanie[/name], [name]Olivia[/name], [name]Scarlett[/name], and [name]Vivian[/name]. I’ve actually had [name]Bonnie[/name] on my mind lately–it’s such a simple, cute choice that’s rarely heard. It’s dated, sure, but you all know that’s not a deal-breaker for me. :slight_smile: I think [name]Marcella[/name]'s kind of cool, too.

I like -

[name]Leona[/name] - I prefer [name]Leonie[/name]

I really like