what do you think of these?

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  • Aideen : 4 (15%)
  • Aibhilin(Ave-leen) : 4 (15%)
  • Ailis(Ay-lish) : 8 (31%)
  • Eavan(Eve-een) : 4 (15%)
  • Ceilie(Kaley) : 2 (8%)
  • Caoilin(Kale-lin) : 3 (12%)
  • Murron(Mar-wren): 1 (4%)

any names that require pronunciations in parentheses are not my taste sorry.
love just plain eve though.

[name]Ailis[/name] is my favourite. I don’t mind Ceilidh but I’m not keen on the ‘ie’ spelling.

Ailís is my favourite on your poll. I also find [name]Aideen[/name] strangely attractive possibly because of its similarity to [name]Aileen[/name] and [name]Eileen[/name]. You may also like the Scottish name of [name]Eilidh[/name] (ay-ley).

[name]Ailis[/name] is my fave as well.

I prefer [name]Mirren[/name] to Murron as Murron sounds horrible in most Scottish accents. I’m not big on the -een ending Irish names, just seem a bit twee to me. Ceilidh is the Scottish spelling of Ceilie and I couldn’t name a kid either, because it means gathering or party and it just seems a big of an odd thing to call a kid.

I have to agree. It is not fun to have a name that is NEVER said or spelled correctly. It can turn a beautiful name into a hated name very quickly.

I’m sorry to say, of the names you listed, going by the spellings, I would have never pronounced any of them the same way as you listed. Any of the choices are just setting your child up for a lifetime of correcting people’s pronunciation.

I have to agree with PPs. [name]Aideen[/name] is the only one I think I’d pronounce correctly. I understand they may be legit names but if you’re in the US they are going to get butchered terribly. There are a lot of Irish names I like but they would NEVER be pronounced correctly unless I moved to [name]Ireland[/name] (or maybe other places in the UK?). So be careful choosing names like these!

i have an unusual name and people love it

I think there are more common Irish names usually pronounced more or less correctly. Spelling is a brat, but my name is completely phonetic and I get asked how to spell it. Names like [name]Saoirse[/name], [name]Siobhan[/name], [name]Deirdre[/name], [name]Niamh[/name], [name]Maeve[/name], and [name]Aisling[/name] are generally pronounced correctly or close. [name]Even[/name] something like [name]Fionnuala[/name] are somewhat easy to sound out (fee-on-new-lah), with [name]Nuala[/name] as the nickname. I have a cat I named that. It’s great. I think it’s sometimes done [name]Finola[/name], but I don’t much care for that, or the different pronunciation is implies (fin-oh-la). I love [name]Roisin[/name], but the kid would forever be (roy-sin), not (ro-sheen). I also love [name]Aoibheann[/name], but who would guess it’s [ee-van].

Of course, I do take Irish dance, so maybe I’m exposed to these names more frequently than most.