What do you think of this girls name...

[name]Milady[/name] (as in the title) Damosel (as in the old English spelling of “Damsel”) [name]MILADY[/name] DAMOSEL Pronounced Dam-o-zel

Reminds me of ‘Lady Goodman.’

Is [name]Milady[/name] Damosel a name you’re considering for a daughter or do you just want some Nameberries opinions? I’m going to be brutally honest so don’t take it personally. While I’m all for creative baby naming, I really have to question why anyone would want to saddle their child with this moniker. It’s quite horrible and highly contrived. A person who is seriously considering this name either has not thought of the child’s future or wants to have their child stand out from the crowd so badly that they’re not thinking of the consequences. [name]Just[/name] imagine [name]Milady[/name] Damosel submitting a resume. Would anyone even consider her application and call her for a job interview? Creativity must come with reason and good judgment as naming a child is not a frivolous task. [name]Every[/name] name has an “image” that is conveys to the world and I’m afraid that any girl named [name]Milady[/name] Damosel would have a difficult life ahead of her.

I am just a name enthusiast. Especially creative names. No real children in my future as my husband and I can’t have any. But I do love to dream up names and I thought this one was romantic and pretty. Anyway, I also like the name [name]Robin[/name] Locksley (as in [name]Robin[/name] Hood) for a boy. I am just weird I guess. :slight_smile:

Well, [name]Kitty[/name] [name]Howard[/name], you certainly have a creative mind! Did you ever think of writing a children’s fairy tale? [name]Milady[/name] Damosel could be the heroine and [name]Robin[/name] Locksley could her knight in shining armour who rescues her when she’s in distress!!! Anyway, keep up your creative naming!

Thank you. I appreciate your thoughtful comments :slight_smile:

I found out today that [name]Milady[/name] is a legitimate name. It’s a form of the (Czech, IIRC) name [name]MILADA[/name] I thought that was pretty cool :slight_smile: