What do you think of Troy?

Hello everyone, first post. I’m due in [name]March[/name], don’t know the sex yet, and this is my first child. I’m having the hardest time with boy names!

I’m looking for something simple, masculine, easy to spell and pronounce, that people have heard of, but isn’t too common or trendy. I’m trying hard to avoid picking a name that my child will share with several classmates. I admit, I’m a bit too picky, I don’t like hardly anything!

I love the name [name]Troy[/name] because I think it fits my criteria. Now I’m a bit out of the loop when it comes to kid stuff, and I just found out it’s the main character’s name from High School Musical? Hmmm.

Does anyone think that could cause a spike in popularity? What are some of your feelings about the name, with or without the movie connection?


I didn’t see that movie… I think (hope) most people who would have are too young to be naming children, like, tomorrow, so it may have a bit of lag on the popularity (if any). I think it fits the criteria, and well, I might add. I tend to favor short and to the point kind of names, mostly I think of girl names, but I digress…

If you really love the name and it fits the criteria, then I think it’s a good name to use. I wouldn’t love a name because it fit criteria, so, well, you have 7 months to think on that one. Sorry I can’t predict whether this will spike in popularity. If it was a cute boy, then probably in another 5-10 years, or the next big summer teen movie sensation will overtake. I wonder if the teens who post will have something to say that this is on their list or something, because I can’t imagine this movie would have been seen by mothers of younger children or any of us older gals with or without teens about the house, and I’m thinking this was really more a hit with the tweens who may be distracted by something else in the meantime. The things you have to keep up on if you want to give your kid a name with no obvious cultural references, imagine! I think if you had named your baby already before this movie, it would still be a good name that was neither unheard of nor too heard of, easy on the ears and easy to spell and say that people will like, and it’s a strong-sounding, definitely masculine name, for sure.

Also congratulations and welcome!

I think [name]Troy[/name] is a decent enough name, but it doesn’t really make my heart jump. ( Not that my jumping heart should have anything to do with your baby’s name :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ) And [name]Pam[/name] and [name]Linda[/name] don’t really have anything bad to say about it…BUT it was number 231 last year and has been hanging around that number for the last 8 years, so I’m guessing that its more common than we’re thinking. The only one I know is in his 30’s, though.

Thank you so much for the replies and welcome. You both make very good points! I also hope that no tweens will be naming babies anytime soon! And I could deal with a name being in the top 200, just not in the top 100.

I’ve always loved the name, and it is also my brother’s name. We’re very close, and he would be honored to have a namesake, but after discussing it with my husband, he doesn’t like the idea of naming our baby after a family member! But I’m not giving up on this one yet :slight_smile:

[name]Even[/name] though I still have 7 months, I’ve been looking at names for over a year, since I first felt that biological clock go off. And it’s not getting any easier! I know, I wish we could predict names’ popularity. I think I’m looking for that one “perfect” name, and I don’t know if it exists, but I’m hopeful.

More opinions are still welcome!

All of us here are more than happy to help you find something the both of you will love. could you list a few other names you (or the hubby) like? That way we can have a jumping off point for ideas! :slight_smile:

(PS-I forgot to look at the “criteria” you listed before I started this and if I go back I’ll lose everything I wrote so please disregard anything that doesn’t work :slight_smile: )

This is what I have so far:
([name]Troy[/name] has to do with soldier…so I used that meaning and ran with it)

[name]Alexander[/name] (of [name]Troy[/name] :slight_smile: )*
[name]Owen[/name] *
[name]Destry[/name] (love it in the middle)
[name]Liam[/name]* (getting popular though…darn [name]Tori[/name] Spelling! :slight_smile: )
[name]Montgomery[/name] (love it in the middle)

  • are my favs on the list :slight_smile:
    [name]Just[/name] let us know if you like any of these or if I am completley off base :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve never heard of [name]Malin[/name], how do you pronounce it?

Names we’ve discussed (and ruled out):

[name]Tyson[/name]: I love it, he negatively associates it with [name]Mike[/name] or with chicken!
[name]Tyler[/name]: he likes it, I like it but it’s way too common for me to consider using
[name]Taylor[/name]: same as [name]Tyler[/name], and I dislike because there are too many girls named [name]Taylor[/name], I want a truly masculine name
[name]Mateo[/name] or [name]Teo[/name]: (both) interesting, but too unusual? also could sound like “potato”
[name]Ty[/name]: (both) seems incomplete, and becoming popular?
[name]Renzo[/name] or [name]Enzo[/name]: I kind of liked when I saw on this site, very unusual, too weird for DH
[name]Maddox[/name]: he likes, I like it, but would never want to use a celebrity baby name
[name]Andre[/name]: I don’t know, put it on one of my lists because it’s masculine and simple

Names I like, that are already taken, and some may be too common even if they weren’t taken:

[name]Don[/name]'t know if that gives you any ideas!

I love [name]Matteo[/name] and never once thought of potato :slight_smile:

[name]Malin[/name] is unisex (actress [name]Malin[/name] Ackerman), but rarely heard for either. I say MAH-lin.

Maybe you would love:
These are names that start with “M”, and I noticed that you love the letter “M”.
I also love [name]Miles[/name]! Great idea on another post.
Since you love the name [name]Troy[/name], you might also love:

[name]Arthur[/name], [name]King[/name] [name]Arthur[/name]
[name]Atticus[/name], Greek, means from Athens
[name]Gareth[/name], a knight of [name]King[/name] [name]Arthur[/name]'s round table
[name]Gavin[/name], a form of [name]Gawain[/name], another knight
[name]Lance[/name] - short for [name]Lancelot[/name], another knight
[name]Lionel[/name], another knight
[name]Robin[/name], [name]Robin[/name] Hood
[name]Royal[/name] nn [name]Roy[/name]

Thanks so much for taking the time to search for names. That’s a good strategy, using the meaning of one name to find others. I’ll run the list by my husband and see if he likes any. It’s hard to strike the right balance between the heard-of names and the too common or trendy names, and the unique but not strange or hard to spell/pronounce names!
Also, our baby will be half Filipino and half Caucasian, so an exotic name might be suitable.

Oh, I just saw susan’s post. Great suggestions, I’ll look into them!

That’s a pity about [name]Troy[/name]- perhaps you can use it as a middle name?

Names that remind me of [name]Troy[/name]:

Or (if you want something truly unique that relates to [name]Troy[/name]), here are some names associated with Ancient [name]Troy[/name] and the Trojan war:

Look forward to hearing what you ultimately pick!