What do you think?

Here are some names we have added to our girls fn and mn list. Please tell me what you think of each. The baby will most likely be pale white, blue eyes, and red or blonde hair. Thanks!

First Names:


Middle Names:

[name]Karis[/name]- a way to honor my mom [name]Kristie[/name]
[name]Orlaith[/name]-(Pro. Or-lay-th) Irish name

[name]Orlaith[/name] is pronounced Or-lah.

I like [name]Raven[/name], but would seem a bit odd on a pale skinned, blond child.
I like [name]Karis[/name] (prefer [name]Carys[/name] spelling) and [name]Orlaith[/name] - [name]Orlaith[/name] is my fave from those two.

Sorry, not a fan of [name]Raven[/name]. [name]How[/name] about [name]Carys[/name] for the first name?