What do you think??

I recently discovered [name]Amorie[/name] (Ahm-uh-ree) and I LOOOVE it :slight_smile: I usually only like girl’s names that end in an “a” but this name is just beautiful to me! Tell me what you think about it, middle names, possible pronunciation errors, etc. Thanks in advance!

I really like it.

I [name]LOVE[/name] the name spelled [name]Amory[/name] or [name]Amery[/name], but unfortunately it reminds of of the singer, [name]Amerie[/name], whose music I don’t like. :frowning:

It reminds me of [name]Amery[/name] or [name]Amaury[/name], which is masculine. It also reminds me of Amicie, I went to school with a girl by this name, its an obscure French name.

I like ie spellings, but not for this one. I would go with Amory.
I would have an easier time pronouncing it correctly that way, because when I first read it I read Amor -ie which sounded cheesy.
I like the sound of Amory though, it reminds me of Emery, which I like.

I love it and most names that end -ey or y; but the -ie spelling is pretty as well! :slight_smile:

hard to say (though do love your other favorite names). it reminds me of emery, which i like, and amelie as well. it is sort of pretty, but it sounds like an australian saying the word ‘armory’.

Sorry, but it reminds me of amorous.