What do you think?

[name]Do[/name] you like the name [name]Henley[/name] for a girl?

If so, any middle name suggestions?

It’s not my favorite. Honestly, I think of the shirt.

Sorry, I also thought of the shirt. [name]Hadley[/name] is nms but I much prefer that to [name]Henley[/name].

Not really…Sorry!

Yep, shirt. I prefer [name]Kenley[/name].

It seems masculine to me, even as surnames go. What about [name]Helena[/name] or [name]Hallie[/name]?

Yeah , not crazy about [name]Henley[/name]…Its OK. Might fly better if its a family name or has meaning to you. Its not awful by any means, but Id say up against the names suggested that are ‘like’ it, [name]Kenley[/name] and [name]Hadley[/name], I personally like those a little better. Dont be discouraged though, Im nobody…good luck.

I think of [name]Don[/name] [name]Henley[/name]. I don’t like it at all. Sorry.

Nah, I don’t think like it.

I love it! Why is everybody saying I think of the shirt? What shirt? It sounds cool to me

A [name]Henley[/name] is a collarless cotton shirt (usually with a few buttons at the neckline).