What does "Drafts offline" mean?

I went to go edit a post I made over an hour ago as the names did not show as linked. When I went to post my edit, I got the warning of “server error” and “drafts offline”. What do I do? What does this mean?

A lot of times when this happens it seems to be a glitch and trying to post a few more times eventually results in success. If it still doesn’t work, sometimes if you come back to it later it’ll be saved as a draft and you can post it then.

That’s my probably unhelpful and not very technical answer, hopefully that helps a bit!

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Thank you. I’ll give it a shot.

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I am still not able to update that particular post. I’m not going to worry about it, but I’m curious to know why this happens and what to do about it the next time it occurs?

It looks like “Drafts offline” means there is an issue with the internet connection. Is it happening only on this particular post, no matter when you try?

Only on this particular post. I have tried refresh, a new page altogether and closing my browser and reopening it. I’ve not had any internet issues lately. I also had no other issues with posting or editing anything else today.

Can you link me to the post in question?

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I can’t edit it either, @shells15. Interestingly, I also can’t edit the post linked within that post, i.e. the original source of this content.

My instinct is that there’s something about that particular content – perhaps some of the formatting, like the arrows or subheadings, or just the length – that is causing issues.

I have just sent another note to our tech team asking for a Discourse update, as there are quite a few small issues like this cropping up now.

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Oddly enough, I was able to edit the original source previously, but hadn’t tried recently. Thank you :pray:.

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