What Gender Would You Consider This Name?

The name Treagle pronounced tree-AY-gl is a family name (surname) and I am thinking of putting it as a name (most likely middle name) for a future child that I have way, way into the future. It just came in my thought process today that I am not sure which gender I would select this for. Sometimes I think female, other times I think male. I was just curious, when you first see the name, which gender would you think it would fit more?

It reminds me of Treacle (with a c), another word for molasses. But, since it’s a last name, overall I’d think male. I think most surnames used as a given name sounds masculine. Though, I think it’s so unheard of that if you really like it and want to use it, it could go either way. There’s the huge trend of masculine names on girls these days anyway. For a girl, I’d just be sure to pair it up with an obviously feminine first name. I don’t mind masculine names on girls, especially in the middle spot. But, I don’t like both names to be masculine.

Since it’s a family surname and you’re going to put it in the middle, I think it could work for either gender.

I sounds mostly male to me. Although, I do agree with pansy.

I’m in the “anything works in the middle” camp, so I say it can go either way.

I agree with this statement.

The “Tr” sound reminds me most of boys names such as [name]Troy[/name], [name]Trent[/name], [name]Tristan[/name] and [name]Trey[/name], so it sounds more masculine than feminine to me.

I zoomed right in on the name and tried to ignore all other text so it wouldn’t sway me. I read it as male, and rhyming with Beagle, for what it’s worth.

[name]Male[/name]! All the way!

Family names can be used in the middle spot for either gender. [name]How[/name] it flows would depend on the first name of the boy or girl.

Family surnames, especially in the middle spot, can be used for either sex.

It sounds more masculine to me, but it would work in the middle for either. It would sound like two last names. I have a girlfriend whose middle name is either Jepsen or Jessen and it works fine.

Familial surname, most likely in the middle? I don’t care. It’s fine for either.

Same here.

While it does sound rather masculine, I think that it could be a possible unisex name.

If ever you used it for a first name, I’d say BOY. I think you can safely use it for either gender as a middle name. :smiley:

I’m going to say it sounds more male to me, but I think it can work for either gender since it’s originally a surname and will be in the middle spot

I 3rd this.