What happened to Heather?

[name]Just[/name] curious what ever happened to the beautiful name of [name]Heather[/name]? I know that it can sound some what dated to the 70’s/80’s, but it is such a beautiful name! It reminds me of some Victorian, romantic story of windswept heather moorlands. The name is feminine, beautiful, soft… but it is spunky in a way that you usually see only on unisex names.

What do you think of the name [name]Heather[/name]?
Should parent’s continue to consider this falling-from-grace name?
Should this name be retired? (PLEASE NO!!)

I agree with you…I love the name too. It was just overdone.

I’m here lol. Actually, while I’ve always liked my name, I have always hated having to be [name]Heather[/name] W because there were at least 3 in my class every year of school growing up and then I have always seemed to work with at least 1 other [name]Heather[/name]. So…IDK about retirement but it sure was popular in the 70’s.

I think that [name]Heather[/name] has become very dated. It brings to mind females of my age group or older. I think that this name should be allowed to fade away and then brought back for our great grandchildren. It sucks when you enjoy a name, but it happens when names get so popular or aren’t really classics.

Well dang. I’d love to say something encouraging, but I do think [name]Heather[/name] is in the tank – for quite some time to come. Yes, taken just on its merits, it is everything you say – beautiful, wispy-yet-real, Victorian.

It is also over, unfortunately, at least for the time being. Some lucky generation will get to resurrect it.

Right now, if someone really wants to use it, why not? It is not as though you were naming a daughter Harlot! [name]Will[/name] many smile at this choice? Why yes, yes they will. And say, “I knew a [name]Heather[/name] in high school, and she was a real witch!” If you can resign yourself to being truly unfashionable, go with it.

But I have a hunch if you keep looking, you might find another name to put a bandaid over the part of your heart breaking for ‘[name]Heather[/name].’ [name]Bronwyn[/name]? [name]Bronte[/name]? [name]Gwyneth[/name]? [name]Diantha[/name]? (Also a flower name.) [name]Zahara[/name]? [name]Bryony[/name]? [name]Jessamine[/name]? [name]Even[/name] [name]Heath[/name] (used for a girl) might do the trick.

[name]Heather[/name] is lovely and it too will have its day of shining again probably not for a good 50 years. Its too bad that girls names have to go in and out of style so quickly due to generational use and many times oversaturation.

[name]Honesty[/name], I think [name]Heather[/name] is kinda ugly, sorry just being honest. Plus it sounds very dated. I never liked the name when it was popular and I still dont care for it, it went out along with [name]Tiffany[/name] and [name]Stephanie[/name].

Went to school with Heathers. I’m 26. Not a fan of the name.

My opinion is, [name]Heather[/name] is quite a beautiful, name, however, I think you should name your child what ever your heart falls in love with, weather the name is in vogue or not, that is what make people individuals, and make the world go round.