What happened to Ottilie?

I mostly just lurk around here since having [name_f]Gemma[/name_f], and I comment from time to time. However, I’ve been on the lookout for [name_f]Ottilie[/name_f]'s birth announcement knowing she was due on the 9th with her second child. I find her name picks enchanting to say the least and was looking forward to seeing what she had chosen this time. There’s just been no sign of her that I can see. I sure hope she is well.

This thread explains the, er, saga of what happened with [name_f]Ottilie[/name_f]: https://nameberry.com/nametalk/threads/143095

[name_m]Bear[/name_m] in mind, the discussion started out on another thread, then it got made into an independent thread, so there are some conversations that don’t make sense out of context.

She was a troll who had multiple accounts all with different “lives”. She has no children or husband. She doesn’t even live in the country she said she was from. She was linked back to a teenage girl. She was banned.

Ugh. What a disappointment. Thank you for letting me know.

She kept changing her daughter’s name! That was just plain crazy. Who does that? Is that even allowed? There is a fee to do name changes where I live. She never mentioned having to pay a fee each time.
I thought she just got upset with some negative posts, but sometimes I did find myself asking Is she for real?
Was she really a troll? Was her account closed?
Is that why there is a “stern message” about posting now?

@niteowl I think the reason why she troll hunted was so no one though she was trolling

Her life was so over the top the changing of the babies name, the extravagant life she claimed to live even though she was a yoga teacher. She also spent way to much time on here for a mum of a baby

Yes! I thought that she had a lot of free time on her hands as well!
I tried to be nice to her when I posted. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.
From reading the other posts about everyone being so upset, I think she was the best troll I have ever seen.

Maybe I’m just ultra-troll sensitive, but I suspected it all along. Honestly there are a couple of well respected members on here right now that I have doubts about (no hard proof of course other than personal experience, so I’d never even think of outing them).

[name_m]How[/name_m] many times did she change her daughter’s name? It was all just silly… and I cringed every time she referred to herself as ‘‘upper-class’’ (in the UK that’s massively taboo, I doubt she was actually British).

[name_f]Ottilie[/name_f]‘s confidence and power/control of other members was sort of impressive though… even now there are still people defending her. I do feel bad for her - the claims of past sexual abuse and eating disorders were particularly worrying; I actually think there is a high chance that they are true and she was just a young girl looking for some support through the network of people she’d created as ‘’[name_f]Ottilie[/name_f]’’.

I wonder if she has a new account and is following all these threads?

I’ve wondered the same exact thing.

I only paid attention to her names, most of them I could never consider using myself but I loved seeing somebody else use those names. I didn’t overly pay attention to her life story. I’m shocked of course, but it’s not like I lost a friend. I’m just sort of let down.

As for changing the baby’s name, it can be legally done. If you do it within a month I don’t think it’s such a pain, but otherwise it’s a legal tangle where you have to go through the courts to get it done and have to provide a reason. Heck I thought about changing my own name, and while it’s fun to fantasize about I cringe at the hassle and the costs.

To be honest, after the 3rd name change, I seriously doubted her. In the UK, you have to change a name by Deed [name_u]Poll[/name_u], and I’m fairly certain it isn’t this just, overnight ‘bada bing, bada boom’ type change that she led everyone to believe it to be. Some posts she made were helpful - I have to admit, she did help me a fair amount, but I wasn’t heartbrokenly devastated when she was outed as a troll. One other thing I found odd, was that she was going to be a mother of two within 11 months. I’m obviously not a doctor, but aren’t you supposed to wait 6 weeks between having baby #1 and going back to your sex life? The math is a big foggy there.

The whole thing sort of scared me honestly - it’s scary how one person can be twisted enough to spin out lies to that extent.

Wow, I am shocked. I somehow missed most of her personal posts, but I always appreciated her insight on names.

I am 99% positive she is still around and working on new personas. There are 2 fairly new members that I highly suspect could be her.

Can you PM me who they are?

I don’t want to falsely accuse anyone. I have no proof at all it is her. [name_m]Just[/name_m] the names they keep talking about and the way they describe things is very similar to ottilie’s style. Very elaborate stories that don’t make sense when you really know the subject, descriptions that sound like they’re from books, very out there names, etc.


This is off the [name_f]Ottilie[/name_f] topic, but while you are supposed to wait six weeks to have sex after giving birth, many people do not wait. This is where Irish twins (I am not sure if there is a more correct term than this) come from. We even know a few families with children just 10 months apart. Anyhow, the Irish twins part did not give me pause. I didn’t follow her posts very closely, though, and it seems like I missed the more controversial ones.

I figured that, but I’ve never heard that term before, and where I live, it’s very rare for siblings to be a year or less apart in age. The math just didn’t add up correctly for me, considering she seemed to be all into being healthy and everything.

Whoa…just, whoa. (I’m just a intermittent lurker - but STILL. So surprised.)

Yep, I know or have heard of a few families where they clearly didn’t wait the six-week postpartum period. I’ve heard that “Irish twins” is a derogatory way to say it but I don’t think there is another euphemism in place. Maybe “back-to-back babies” or something? People have said to me (long before [name_m]Zach[/name_m] was born), “oh, you’ve had all your children in a litter!” LOL.

The [name_f]Ottilie[/name_f] situation is weird, sad and creepy. I remember reading that she was pregnant again and never doubted it (our first three kids are very close in age, too, but Jeez, not THAT close), but the part where she kept changing her daughter’s name definitely made me scratch my head. Seemed like she should have made more of a production/announcement of it if she’d arrived at such a big decision, but she was more like, “oh, by the way, didn’t I tell you…”

That said, I do not have good troll “radar”, because I’ve responded to at least one thread that ended up being closed due to trolling. It sucks to spend time and energy trying to offer advice or warm sentiments to somebody who’s just creating a thread for sh*ts and giggles.

I wonder what [name_m]Blade[/name_m] thinks, because wasn’t she fairly good friends with her (whatever that means)???

That’s funny, I have one in mind too :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we please not get into a silly gossip match behind people’s backs, though?